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   Medical MCQs   According to WHO guidelines HAART should be started when CD4 count levels are less than? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 12 130 josekj1987 
   Medical MCQs   Apoptosis most appropriate is: Go directly to Last Post in the thread 13 108 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Mitral valve prolapse murmur?  3 48 Gow207 
   Medical MCQs   The following doesnot pass through foramen magnum? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 142 elyse 
   Medical MCQs   Nerve biopsy in leprosy,the following is preferred?  6 66 drjvp 
   Medical MCQs   In cold autiimmune hemolytic anemia IgM antibodies are formed against the following antigen of RBC?  5 74 josekj1987 
   Medical MCQs   WARBURG yellow enzyme?  2 32 josekj1987 
   Medical MCQs   Most dangerous bioterrorism agent? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 76 hereiam87 
   Medical MCQs   Ristocetin test false is?  1 17 tvrgpal 
   Medical MCQs   Master regulator of coagulation cascade?  3 34 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Common site of lupus vulgaris in INDIA?  3 30 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Pemphigus a/w myasthenia gravis?  3 26 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Best investigation to detect cardiac amyloidosis?  6 44 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Most common cytogenetic abnormality a/w myelodysplastic syndrome? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 63 bhpn17 
   Medical MCQs   Most common viral hepatitis in india:-  2 21 padmapriyageetha 
   Medical MCQs   Intranuclear bodies in multiple myeloma:- Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 81 abhinav pri 
   Medical MCQs   True regarding DMT1receptor mutation? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 77 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Isoenzyme form of acid phosphatase showing tartarate resistance in Hairy cell leukemia:-  4 25 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   M/c translocation seen in multiple myeloma:-  2 27 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Hilar lyphadenopathy mostly seen in the following type of Hodgkins:-  2 19 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Substance which inhibits indirect synaptic inhibition? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 42 nehaajoshi 
   Medical MCQs   Pseudohypoaldosteronism type 2 true is?  3 24 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Barrters type III is due to defective:-  3 22 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Residual chlorine levels to kill CYCLOPS? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 28 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   In Left axis deviation true regarding leads?  6 49 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Used in RA resistant to DMARDS:-  1 18 tvrgpal 
   Medical MCQs   Hemolytic disease of new born is caused due to deficiency of? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 65 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   SMUDGE cells seen in?  4 24 abhinav pri 
   Medical MCQs   Blue berry muffin rash seen in infection by?  1 28 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Didactic method is:  1 47 Viral118 
   Medical MCQs   Choose the correct statement regarding placental seperation  1 16 RUKMAN 
   Medical MCQs   Vaginal delivery after caesarean cannot be done in all except?  1 24 RUKMAN 
   Medical MCQs   Risk of hemoperitoneum is more with?  2 27 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   X descent of jvp occurs during?  5 34 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Only drug approved for type1 diabetes mellitus apart from insulin?  3 32 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Protease inhibitor which doesnot require ritonavir boosting?  5 31 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   1ST turn or genu of facial nerve occurs ?  2 25 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Paired foramen among the following  1 12 Aim2015 
   Medical MCQs   True about tracheostomy(multiple options)  5 23 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Maximum airway resistance is seen in  1 13 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Central vein of choice for catheterisation in shock patients  6 44 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Lightening in multipara occurs ?  5 35 soham05 
   Medical MCQs   Fronto nasal duct opens into  2 17 soham05 
   Medical MCQs   In puberphonia vocal cords are  3 18 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Test specific for ketose group  1 13 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Hormone required for mammogenesis? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 57 dasaradh 
   Medical MCQs   SINGULAR nerve supplies:-  2 32 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   In irritative labyrinthitis nystagmus is towards?  3 16 tvrgpal 
   Medical MCQs   Alzheimers type 2 cells true is  4 36 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   HDL having inverse relation with coronary artery disease?  2 57 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Not a component of GANGLIOSIDE?  1 13 madhuembbs 
   Medical MCQs   Zellweger syndrome is due to defective oxidation of?  2 33 madhuembbs 
   Medical MCQs   Most potent bronchodilator in non asthmatic patients  3 34 drderamt 
   Medical MCQs   Erlenmayer flask deformity seen in?  1 13 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Arrythmia not caused by digoxin? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 54 Inderjeet 
   Medical MCQs   Variation of intensity of murmur in HOCM with valsalva maneuvre and squatting?  4 19 surgaspirant 
   Medical MCQs   Only MI in which iv fluids are given to maintain SBP  2 17 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Ber ep 4 is the marker of?  4 34 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Tumors which do not metastasize to cvs?  1 16 sathyan24 
   JIPMER   What best can i do in case of lost hall ticket plssss help??!!  2 45 nbz 

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