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Threads by Zosheen  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   FMGE   Anyone registering in delhi for permanent rgstr Go directly to Last Post in the thread 16 299 Rif28 
   FMGE   Anyone here planning to do intership in kerala  1 45 littleflower 
   Offbeat   What did u prescribe for the 1st time & for what  4 49 Fzrr 
   FMGE   Kerala centre  2 73 sunny505 
   FMGE   How many completed registration wth the city of ur choice  0 56  
   FMGE   If negative scores are introduced for fmgs  1 103 worldrocks 
   NEETPG   What rank  0 32  
   FMGE   Anybody planning to do internship in kerala  3 98 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Etiological factors not associated with esophageal Ca.  6 24 rahulpujara 
   Medical MCQs   Best investigation to diagnose ectopic pregnancy  6 39 MUDAVATHU 
   Medical MCQs   TOC unruptured tubal pregnancy with serum b-hcgtitre of 2001 iu/ml  3 22 prabhakaranpd 
   Medical MCQs   True about ectopic preg.  2 30 prabhakaranpd 
   Medical MCQs   True regarding pancreatic lipase  2 11 prabhakaranpd 
   Medical MCQs   Not an action of progesterone  2 16 prabhakaranpd 
   Medical MCQs   Mc muscle affected in thyroid ophthalmology  4 29 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Most common hospital acquired infection  2 29 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Antigen not used in widal test  2 25 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Urinary potassium increased by all except  2 16 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Maternal portion of placenta is derived from  3 20 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Feature of well controlled asthma  1 10 rrkradio01 
   Medical MCQs   Diaphyseal lesions only occuring in tibia  1 8 rrkradio01 
   Medical MCQs   False regarding oxygenase  2 39 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Mc HPV associated with oropharyngeal cancer  1 52 kapabhargava 
   Medical MCQs   Failure rate of vasectomy  1 13 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Placenta has all of the following functions fr fetus except  1 13 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Hepatitis which do not cause chronic disease  2 12 MedicalAngel 
   Medical MCQs   IOC pulmonary thromboembolism  1 32 mehaktrikha 
   Medical MCQs   DOC acute DVT  1 11 sushmasuma002 
   Medical MCQs   Structures that do not pierce the diaphragm  3 34 sarunsm 
   FMGE   Photo id ? upload in pdf ? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 17 355 deepthi19 
   Medical MCQs   Ectopic pregnancy is more common in  2 25 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Most common cause of ectopic pregnancy  2 17 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   In a patient with abdominal pain ,feature most suggestive of ectopic pregnancy is  1 10 adhik7 
   Medical MCQs   Female Hx of 6 weeks amenorrhea,USG shows no sac ,serum b-hcg 1000 iu/l,whats the next management  2 15 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Thirst centre of hypothalamus Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 72 mayankshukla 
   FMGE   Documents ? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 21 639 smartway250 
   Medical MCQs   A bld donor is not considered safe fr bld transfusion if he has  3 64 anheedoniusdoc 
   Medical MCQs   Most common cause of community acquired pneumonia?  4 58 harshnp 
   Medical MCQs   Cvs Go directly to Last Post in the thread 13 94 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Cardiol  5 78 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Ecg  3 58 athisayamani 
   Medical MCQs   Acute mi  5 33 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Mi Go directly to Last Post in the thread 13 134 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Metabolic Syndrome  2 41 Zosheen 
   Medical MCQs   Cardio  6 57 kavi41084 

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