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Mnemonics by decembermist  Rating   Views   Date 
   Orthopaedics  Lytic bone lesions !!  11889 2005-10-28 15:34:22
   Anatomy  Retroperitoneal structures  9785 2006-01-13 19:12:50
   Medicine  Autosomal dominant conditions  8256 2005-10-25 12:44:35
   Others  Sarcomas with high incidence of lymph node mets  6513 2005-10-23 16:07:38
   Pharmacology  Centrally acting anti-hypertensives  4829 2005-10-25 18:25:37
   Radiology  Meningioma - Plain X-ray findings  4458 2005-12-14 22:12:45
   Microbiology  Neiseria & Sugar fermentation  4216 2005-10-27 22:32:29
   Anatomy  Diaphragm apertures: spinal levels  3579 2006-01-13 19:12:50
   Biochemistry  Blots in genetics  3577 2005-10-27 22:32:29
   Microbiology  Segemented RNA viruses  3053 2005-10-27 22:32:29
Threads by decembermist  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   Medical MCQs   Pathology-which organ is LEAST resistant to Oxygen depletion Go directly to Last Post in the thread 22 6762 drrahul777 
   Medical MCQs   Foster's test is used in the diagnosis of  2 767 sharffdileep 
   Medical MCQs   The following CNS tumor is commonly cystic  3 206 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   In Ventricular arrythmia Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 212 tvrgpal 
   Medical MCQs   A woman is taking ocp now pregnant  4 505 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Features of hypothyroidism due to TRH/TSH  4 335 ragwho 
   Medical MCQs   Diaphragm is at lowest level in which position Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 1780 SOMNATH84 
   Medical MCQs   Radiology - CVS  1 575 saumyamittal 
   Medical MCQs   Radiology - CVS  1 658 saumyamittal 
   Medical MCQs   Radiology - CVS  1 692 saumyamittal 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following will not lead to decrease in  2 344 dheerendrapatel 
   Medical MCQs   Radiation dose  1 240 mohanj 
   Medical MCQs   PH  1 234 mohanj 
   Medical MCQs   Diisopropylflurophosphate  1 283 mohanj 
   Medical MCQs   Some neurology signs  1 428 saumyamittal 
   Medical MCQs   Inclusion bodies  1 597 saumyamittal 
   Medical MCQs   Risk of thromboembolism  1 202 Dr-Homunculus 
   Medical MCQs   Post op diffusion hypoxia is a/w  1 242 saumyamittal 
   Medical MCQs   Hypoxemia may be relieved by assisted ventilation with  1 232 saumyamittal 
   Medical MCQs   Patient on atenolol pre op for HTN  1 419 saumyamittal 
   Medical MCQs   Pt has been treated with lithium , developed hypothyroidism  2 249 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   29 year old M with severe diarrhea  2 284 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Out of the following locations of intra cranial hemorrhage ,  2 348 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   The least painful surgical approach to heart  1 301 saumyamittal 
   Medical MCQs   CGlucagon is least likely to be used for severe hypoglycemia  1 475 saumyamittal 
   Medical MCQs   A 14 year old boy with acne lesions on face and back ,  2 1087 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following are features of flat type of pelvis  2 386 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Which Hodgkin's d/s is a/w best prognosis !!  1 230 toughguy37 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following ketone bodies is commonest following  1 324 toughguy37 
   Medical MCQs   What is true about shoulder presentation  1 213 toughguy37 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following reflexes is present at birth  4 435 sandyfly089 
   Medical MCQs   The type of treatment which can be used for  1 222 swati19 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is a first rank symptom in  2 230 amaanath 
   Medical MCQs   Whorled keratopathy is seen with the use of  1 201 amaanath 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is the cause of blindness in partial  1 494 amaanath 
   Medical MCQs   A segmental compound fracture of tibia with 1 cm skin wound  1 374 itsagp 
   Medical MCQs   The fine movements of voluntary muscles are controlled by  1 296 1A10M 
   Medical MCQs   A 2 year old boy suffering from leukaemia following are the  1 805 1A10M 
   Medical MCQs   Following infection with measles virus, a 6 year old boy  1 463 rajeshmetla 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following viruses is not a single strand linear  2 225 aditi-012 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following viruses produce disease or sequelae  3 225 aditi-012 
   Medical MCQs   Following infection with measles virus, a 6 year old boy  1 425 arindamsarkar 
   Medical MCQs   You would expect the time course of a typical patient with  1 533 aravindh 
   Medical MCQs   The following tumor(s) retain cellular features of  1 291 aspiration 
   Medical MCQs   The following tumors occur commonly in the ventricles and in  3 217 sathish2806 
   Medical MCQs   The following CNS tumor has a peak incidence in the first de  1 246 yet2b-coined 
   Medical MCQs   The following statements is/are true regarding oligodendrogl  1 170 yet2b-coined 
   Medical MCQs   Match the following - III  1 279 ritam_cnmc 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - breat development in intrauterine life  1 411 sabbu 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - philtrum of upper lip develops from  1 891 alzolam 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - which is true regarding  1 386 alzolam 
   Medical MCQs   O & G - USS in postmenopausal female can detect  1 548 srikanth90 
   Medical MCQs   O & G - maximum concentration of LH in luteal phase  1 819 srikanth90 
   Medical MCQs   An acutely ill 3-year-old boy is brought to the emergency  5 631 anavi 
   Medical MCQs   3 mo year old has diarrhea 3 days receive  1 430 rajvolga 
   Medical MCQs   What kind of electrolyte disturbances occur in pediatric  1 603 Zigma 
   Medical MCQs   In Ventricular arrythmia  2 286 pant 
   Medical MCQs   A diabetic man with sexual dysfunction,,comes in for  1 463 ganapa247 
   Medical MCQs   Biochemistry - which of the following interactions  2 403 pant 
   Medical MCQs   Biochemistry- change in free energy of overall reaction  1 497 ganapa247 
   Medical MCQs   Biochemistry- residues rich active sites of many enzymes  1 1131 ganapa247 
   Medical MCQs   All the following are features of peptide bond formation  1 562 ganapa247 
   Medical MCQs   The following CNS tumors contains tumor cell rosettes as a  2 358 7346 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following are true regarding  2 438 pant 
   Medical MCQs   Selective denaturation of allosteric sites is achieved by  1 233 aravindh 
   Medical MCQs   Structural feature of heme that makes it to color red is  5 647 Anacrotic 
   Medical MCQs   All the following are true except  2 375 Anacrotic 
   Medical MCQs   Fluid & electrolytes  4 1078 7346 
   Medical MCQs   Medicine- In spinal shock , the knee jerks take about  1 256 brr872002 
   Medical MCQs   The only hemorrhagic disease in which both clotting time and Go directly to Last Post in the thread 14 1345 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Pt with heart rate of 45/min, BP 90/50, PR constant.  4 669 anuj1940 
   Medical MCQs   Hot cross bun skull is always seen in?  4 1255 khamaria 
   Medical MCQs   Infection of which valve is most likely to be associated  2 552 ramankb 
   Medical MCQs   Q: Gynaecology: Most Common malignancy in women in India Go directly to Last Post in the thread 19 6924 drfarah2009 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - epithelium of trigone of bladder Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 6291 docAA 
   Medical MCQs   4 year old boy has swallowed a coin. x ray showed Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 1765 nahidaaryan 
   Medical MCQs   Medicine - In starvation body fat disappears last from Go directly to Last Post in the thread 26 6963 vuzmal 
   Medical MCQs   Some facts abt oesophagus  5 855 DrSubs 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - single barr body is seen in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 13 4773 drtenzin 
   Medical MCQs   SalPath368 - Sucque –Hoyer canal is related to  4 4637 Mystic_mind 
   Medical MCQs   Pathology - MOST characteristic cell of a GRANULOMA Go directly to Last Post in the thread 14 7871 Mystic_mind 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - failure of closure of anterior neuropore  3 3492 viralbjmc2000 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - cricoid is developed frm which  6 3495 viralbjmc2000 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - omphalomesentric duct persists as Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 3482 viralbjmc2000 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - fetal left common cardinal V persists as Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 3188 viralbjmc2000 
   PG Notes   Diseases that follow viral infections Go directly to Last Post in the thread 23 7631 sana4saad 
   Medical MCQs   Oncology - Most imp prognositc factor in operable Go directly to Last Post in the thread 20 4828 vivek_patel 
   Medical MCQs   Medicine - B/L clubbing is seen in A/E Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 2506 axxer 
   Medical MCQs   Medicine-earliest muscle to be involved in Dermatomyositosis  6 3877 BRAVO 
   Medical MCQs   Q: Gynaecology: Most Common cause of suburethral mets Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 3978 NikoDuro 
   Medical MCQs   MC cause of maternal death in pre-ecclampsia Go directly to Last Post in the thread 21 1581 paco 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology- developing gonad is identified Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 3602 dr_pradhan 
   Medical MCQs   Formation of primary ovary in a female fetus  3 3099 hariompriyom 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - reg gastoschisis & omphalocoele Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 4081 hariompriyom 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - viable fetus Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 3855 hariompriyom 
   Medical MCQs   Medicine: Medical treatment of myasthenia gravis  2 688 drsmita_s 
   Medical MCQs   Paediatrics: An 18 mth old child presents  1 536 drsmita_s 
   Medical MCQs   Most likely in the first 4 weeks following vasectomy Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 1302 DrChitra 
   Medical MCQs   Embryology - major morphogenetic development  6 614 DrChitra 
   Medical MCQs   Internal organs in the fetus develops at  1 585 DrChitra 

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