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Preparing for: AIPGE 2013
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   AMUPMDC   Can someone tell me how is the ct, mri equipment in kims karad?  0 51  
   KIMS Karad   Can someone tell me how is the ct, mri equipment in kims karad?  0 28  
   AMUPMDC   How is kims karad college?  2 305 dhruvrazer 
   AMUPMDC   Mgm aurangabad.help!  2 110 docramit 
   MGM PGCET   Mgm aurangabad.help!  1 120 Shreya186 
   Maharashtra   Mgm aurangabad.help!  5 130 lyssavirus 
   AIPGE   Mgm aurangabad.help!  3 68 dhruvrazer 
   KIMS Karad   How is kims karad college?  0 89  
   AIPGE   How is kims karad?  0 26  
   Maharashtra   How is kims karad college?  0 66  
   Medical MCQs   Most common type of ALL in children Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 78 jameskhan 
   Medical MCQs   What is the turnover time of epidermis? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 37 383 docblu 
   Medical MCQs   Most common contraceptive method in nulliparous? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 22 266 mermaid7 
   AIPGE   Aipgmee practice test.plz answer these questions Go directly to Last Post in the thread 17 415 nabduking2 
   Medical MCQs   These are the questions of aipgmee practice test.lets discuss!  4 73 dhruvrazer 
   Medical MCQs   Age group maximum affected by road accidents?  4 36 dr2009 
   Medical MCQs   What can be the diagnosis in dysphagia for liquids but not for solids  2 32 josekj1987 
   Medical MCQs   Mhat is the most common cause of rectal bleeding in children?  5 57 satyajit1990 
   Medical MCQs   Severe mitral stenosis is identified by?  5 49 Drkedarnath 
   Medical MCQs   Severe injury or burn esophagus?  3 31 yogesh22 
   Medical MCQs   Longest acting beta adrenergic blocker?  4 47 hoodwink 
   Medical MCQs   Cranial nerve first to be affected in increased intracranial pressure?  4 55 hoodwink 
   Medical MCQs   Extrahepatic circulation is slowed by?  2 49 ymadhuri 
   Medical MCQs   All are incinerated except?  5 33 gangak 
   Medical MCQs   Injury to 3rd, 4th and first branch of 5th nerve causes?  2 29 parikshitpore 
   Radiodiagnosis Career   Do all male radiologists get bald?  5 253 nomorehateok 
   Medical MCQs   When is the pelvic examination first recommended in primigravida? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 64 jesee 
   Medical MCQs   Element helping in converting procollagen to collagen  2 35 sreekumar_mmc87 
   Medical MCQs   Obstetric care will affect?  2 25 Auditi 
   Medical MCQs   Gram negative anaerobic bacteria use-  2 20 dhruvrazer 
   Medical MCQs   Pressure inside uterus during early phase of active labour?  1 17 reddymeegada 
   Medical MCQs   Preferred contraceptie method in nulliparous?  3 21 get2knowal 
   Medical MCQs   Most important muscle in climbing?  2 25 dhruvrazer 
   AMC   Becoming a radiologist in Australia after md radiodiagnosis qualification from India?  5 157 richa1988rs 
   Medical MCQs   In severe ms, all are true except?  2 22 dhruvrazer 
   Medical MCQs   Increase in Ldh is seen in?  3 27 dhruvrazer 
   Medical MCQs   Co2 5% inhalation causes?  6 51 dhruvrazer 
   Medical MCQs   Most effective treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis?  6 37 kshravan1594 
   Medical MCQs   What is the most common germ cell tumour of ovary?  5 31 skrose 
   Medical MCQs   Mc tumour of ovary?  4 39 dhruvrazer 
   Medical MCQs   Best diagnosis of ovulation is by-  3 27 drharishs1985 
   Medical MCQs   Urea is formed from which substrate?  3 28 drharishs1985 
   Medical MCQs   Preferred site for cannulation in total parenteral nutrition? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 47 iftekhar 
   Medical MCQs   Most common type of gall stones?  5 39 gandhi51 
   Medical MCQs   Ioc for ureteric stone with acute colic?  5 29 genuine5289 
   Medical MCQs   Preferred vein for central venous line?  3 25 drlucky09 
   Medical MCQs   Best method of screening of breast lump?  2 19 dhruvrazer 
   Medical MCQs   Best diagnostic test for liver abscess? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 20 150 chet87 
   Medical MCQs   In a 3 glass urine test, there is thread in 1st glass.what is the diagnosis?  1 21 doclion 
   Medical MCQs   Most specific marker for acute pancreatitis?  5 28 drumacoolz 
   DNB CET   Which one is earlier.next dnb or allindia/neet? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 119 dhruvrazer 
   DNB CET   Important documents  2 36 rakesh24486 
   NEETPG   Help me out.regarding important DOCUMENTS  1 19 dhruvrazer 
   DNB CET   Post your dnb scores 26 pm session Go directly to Last Post in the thread 22 368 sureshdr 
   DNB CET   Dnb cet scores acc to session  5 63 dhruvrazer 
   Medical MCQs   Sscp, microarray, cgh array, fish, frap, rflp, maldi, dna fingerprinting??  1 48 farzanaamir 
   DNB CET   Sscp, microarray, cgh array, fish, frap, rflp, maldi, dna fingerprinting  2 27 jain9 
   DNB CET   Genetics  0 7  
   PGIMER   Sscp, microarray, cgh array, fish, frap, rflp, maldi, dna fingerprinting  0 45  
   AIPGE   What is sscp, microarray, cgh array, frap, rflp, maldi  1 22 dhruvrazer 
   Medical MCQs   Oxygen hemoglobin curve shifts to right or left in acidosis?  1 20 dfgra 
   DNB CET   Why u need 1000 credits to access certain posts  1 46 mehul87 
   DNB CET   Skin/medicine Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 134 drshru89 
   NEETPG   Lets start studying  1 40 dhruvrazer 
   Dermatology Career   Help me  3 73 akphaneendra 
   NEETPG   Skin/medicine  2 47 anshul407 
   Medicine Career   Help me plz  2 29 dhruvrazer 
   PrePG   High yield topics  1 15 dhruvrazer 
   NEETPG   Important certificates  0 0  
   DNB CET   Ioc For Ureteric Stone With Acute Colic?  0 0  
   NEETPG   Important certificates  0 0  
   NEETPG   Important certificates  0 0  

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