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Threads by allensans  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   DNB CET   Dnb results available in website now Go directly to Last Post in the thread 24 666 deepesh110 
   Medical MCQs   Induction agent for day care surgery? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 12 78 drvikrantspike 
   Medical MCQs   Best method to compare new test and gold standard test: Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 55 subhadeep210190 
   Medical MCQs   Most common sinus affected by sinusitis in children?  4 38 soham05 
   Medical MCQs   The most important fatty acid present in breast milk for growth is: Go directly to Last Post in the thread 23 217 drknandhu 
   Medical MCQs   Amber codon refers to?  6 52 dockc87 
   Medical MCQs   Phelps sign is seen in?  2 21 Pvkmrk 
   Medical MCQs   Poly (A) tail translates into:  3 33 Pvkmrk 
   Medical MCQs   Chamberlains line is  3 56 Pvkmrk 
   Medical MCQs   Sclerotic bodies are found in  5 48 Abhinayam 
   Medical MCQs   Most sensitive indicator of intravascular volume depletion in infant is?  4 29 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   Which among the following is the most common cause of meningoencephalitis in children? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 45 dannythedog 
   Medical MCQs   At what gestational age should a pregnancy with cholestasis of pregnancy be terminated? (aiims may 10) Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 70 drsapaatil 
   Medical MCQs   Golden hair is seen in poisoning with Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 114 Vijethavaishali 
   Medical MCQs   Flame cells are seen in  4 44 Vijethavaishali 
   Medical MCQs   Devil's grip' or bornholm disease.major causative organism is?  2 20 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   Common wart( verruca vulgaris) is most commonly caused by which HPV type?  6 42 lifetron 
   Medical MCQs   Colorado tick fever is caused by?  2 23 drAbj 
   Medical MCQs   Scientist who discovered causative agent of malaria in the rbc of a patient  3 21 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   Most common organism causing infection after open fracture?  6 45 get2knowal 
   Medical MCQs   DOC for mushroom poisoning is  5 40 amantadine 
   Medical MCQs   Thornwaldt cyst is:  4 34 drsahil137 
   Medical MCQs   Pathognomonic lesion of primary hyperparathyroidism? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 43 drsahil137 
   Medical MCQs   Fairbank triangle is seen in?  4 36 indomethacin 
   Medical MCQs   Urine is stored in  1 14 drsarav 
   Medical MCQs   All are true about psoriatic arthritis except?  3 15 prema213 
   Medical MCQs   Which of these muscles undergo wasting first in osteoarthritis knee?  4 29 vector027 
   Medical MCQs   The most common gene defect in idiopathic steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome:  2 23 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   Best method to compare new test and gold standard test:  1 19 drnikc 
   Medical MCQs   Half life of insulin is  3 34 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   Lesion of globus pallidus causes  3 36 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   Vitamin D is synthesised by  4 35 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   Incidence of schizophrenia in general population?  4 28 jameskhan 
   Medical MCQs   % of breech presentation at term?  3 24 rsdr 
   Medical MCQs   COZEN TEST is done for?  2 24 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   Anaesthetic of choice for status asthmaticus is  3 18 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   Earliest feature of tuberous sclerosis?  2 23 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   Most common cause of death in klinefelter syndrome?  3 24 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   NOT a peptide neurotransmitter?  4 20 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   In stage 5 chronic kidney disease the glomerular filtration rate is below:  4 33 rsdr 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is the greatest risk factor for the development of cancer  4 24 allensans 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following malignancies are associated with cigarette smoking EXCEPT:  3 23 drgameruler 

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