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What Makes A Doctor A Doctor, Or A Man A Man?

Author: simba_smiles, Posted on Wednesday, December 07 @ 13:10:08 IST by RxPG  

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Hello everybody,

I’m back again, after quit a bit of time, and this time as a bit of a follow-up of my previous major posting regarding ALTERNATIVE CAREER OPTIONS, and ABOUT WHERE DID DOCTORS IN TODAYS WORLD STAND. Thanks so much for writing in with your views and comments to that posting of mines I really appreciated the points you all made, and most of all, I appreciate people who are honest in airing their true thoughts and opinions, like you all. Now let me tell you a few things...

Firstly, as far as my decision about leaving medicine, and particularly surgery, was not exactly true in the truest of senses. I basically mentioned a scenario of such a possibility due to the article topic which I was discussing. But here’s why my decision is slightly different, and the following is the true and real scenario. I am not even close to having taken a decision. I am still in the UK, will be appearing for the MRCS part-2 exams this January, and most importantly of all, I am fascinated by the science of surgery, and I am sure that I will always want to learn more and more about the skills of surgery. And I’m sure I will. And how am I able to do that? Here’s how. Simply because I have earned the right to hold a scalpel in my hand, or a suture & needle and use it to save someone’s life...and that’s cos I have worked hard to become a doctor, without which learning surgery would have been a forbidden territory for me. And whats more...I will ALWAYS remain a doctor, no matter where I am, and what I do further on in life, and nothing on earth can change this fact, and neither will I let anything change this fact. And so, after completing my MRCS, fully, I will also become a qualified specialized surgeon...and so this is something I will do as well, cos as I said, surgery fascinates me, and I will not let go of it!

But what I want to do here is break away, somewhat, from this closed bubble in which most doctors live for the rest of their lives, simply cos they think that they don’t have other options as their field of study is too specialized. Who said that a doctor HAS to spend the rest of his living days working as a doctor, or for that matter...an engineer has to be an engineer for the rest of his life...or a lawyer has to be a lawyer forever. We human beings are capable of remarkable things...and WE DOCTORS are naturally the more intelligent breed than the average population, aren’t we? (anyone with objections to this statement of mines, plz feel free to speak out!). Then my whole point is that, why don’t we expand our frontiers, and use this intelligence to greater use, for our self-improvement? That’s all I am saying, and that is why, I am thinking on these lines, and taking the liberty of writing this article here. I as an individual, feel that, I am multi-talented...and I also feel that almost all of us out there (yes, I mean us docs), who have been able to see through the rigors, and processes of an extremely tough entrance exam, who have seen through a 5.5 yr intense course at medical college, and who are still giving it their best, to move forward in their professions...well, I feel that, its not only me who is multi-talented...but its all these doctors out there who possess immense talents like myself. But due to the circumstances, mindsets, and society issues, are unable to put these talents to use. Plz read on...

My thoughts are like this. Since I feel that, being doctors, we are multi-talented, I want to put these dormant talents to use, and feel that all doctors should do the same, as well. My particular area of interest is setting up a business in property investments, and also starting a media group, and channel of my own, too, which will be exclusive to health, and medicine programmes. We have animal planet...we have news channels...we have movie channels...but do we have an exclusive medical channel out there? No and I intend to create one. Big ambitions, one might say, but they are honest ambitions, I must say...and I want to see these ambitions turn to reality. I also realize that, in order to go about doing these successfully, I will need some kind of education which is different from learning how to use a laparoscope to perform a cholecystectomy...probably some kind of business/management related education is something that will fit the bill here. And that’s why I have on my mind something on the lines of an MBA. But wait...remember that we are doctors! RIGHT? And what did I say we are, as a result of being doctors? MULTI-TALENTED. That means we can easily be, and do 2, or maybe even 3 things at the same time...and unlike being a “jack-of-all-trades, master-of none”, we can be a master of more than one, cos we are the breed the world calls DOCTORS!!! And just in case if anyone has any doubts about the abilities of us docs, well, I am then going to prove it to you all out there that, we are capable, and the 1st step in proving that, would be to prove that I AM CAPABLE. So here’s a thought which I have thought about...but which I haven’t worked on yet, in details, cos I am presently focusing on my MRCS exam on 16th January. After that, I will start my “homework” in this direction, FULL SWING!!! Read on for the analogy...

Have you guys ever thought of, or wondered about those individuals who get top ranks in various exams like GMAT, etc, and in doing so, end up in some of the top institutions of the world, like Harvard, Stanford, or London school of business (and mind you...our IIM’s don’t even feature among the worlds top 20, and so I have not mentioned the CAT exams here...though no offence to our Indian management guru’s, cos I know a few IIM guys personally, and trust me, they are infinitely amazing and brilliant people, and equally capable as their foreign counterparts...and so I personally feel its probably some worldwide ranking system which manages to get the better of us, and our IIM’s )? Haven’t you ever privately and secretly said to yourselves, about these individuals…”They are THERE & we are HERE, after all we’ve done and been through…that’s just not fair”. At some point of time or the other, you possibly might have. Well, there is this general perception that these individuals are the “cream” of the brains and society, and due to this perception (which is largely true as well), they also demand some of the highest paid salaries, and some of the most respectful jobs. Citing an example here, just so that you get an idea of to what extent I am talking about...the average annual starting salary of a person having completed his MBA from Harvard, Stanford, LSB, or any of the “top-10 business schools”, is around £.110,000, that’s Rs.88 Lakhs a year! And this is only the mean average salary I’m talking about. But mind you, its ONLY people who pass from these worlds best business schools, who enjoy this kind of salary. There are thousands of institutions all over the world, and in India too, mushrooming up, and offering MBA courses...but trust me, most are useless, as far as job prospects are concerned. The message is simple. If you want to be paid £.110,000 a year for your efforts, you have to have an MBA from some of the world’s best B-schools. Even our IIM’s are easily in the top bracket, as far as salaries in our country are concerned. Read on to hear my idea...

...well, I got a bit distracted there for a while, and so lets get back to telling you what I was telling you...about us being multi-talented, our capabilities....and about the fact of me proving it to you guys, that we doctors are the BESTEST. So here’s the point. What’s so special about those guys getting their MBA’s from the “top-10 business schools”, and getting paid exorbitantly? And why do we have to spend our living days hearing society talk about them big-shot MBA’s being brilliant, super, talented individuals, when this so-called “society” actually benefits a lot more from us doctors directly, as far as “themselves”, and their biologies are concerned...and when actually these MBA’s play very little direct role in their lives? Well, enough of questions, for now…I’ll give you a chance to answer them yourselves. As of now, lemme tell you what I intend to do, or at least have thought about doing, really, really soon. Read on plz...

...since my particular ambitions later on in life are about property investments, and on owning a TV channel, they’ll naturally require a thorough learning and understanding on business and management...and so I have my eyes on an MBA, and that too, a top-notch MBA. But here’s the POINT. So all my mates here...take notice of this forum posting/article today, from just another one of you doctors, who calls himself simba_smiles. I am not going to sit and watch that “cream of the brains and society” salutation go to the non-docs only………….and so here’s what I am going to do……………. I am going to go on to get an admission in an MBA course from among the top-10 business schools in the world, and will do whatever it takes to top score in their qualifying exam, called GMAT. And that too, if possible, on a full scholarship. After that, besides bothering about my property investments, I will get that international TV channel up and running (where as you might have guessed, there’ll be lots of surgery shown!!!;)), just for us docs, and the rest of the world. And everyone of you guys out here, will obviously be welcome to feature in the millions of programmes I will have lined up...in fact...all of us docs will deserve it. And moreso, cos i’ll always be a doc after all, and you will all be my extended family in anything that I do, on that medical channel. At the same time, I will continue to learn, and specialize my skills in the practice of surgery, cos it’s something I love doing, and will forever love doing. Now I know that all this sounds larger-than-life, and overtly-ambitious, and many of you might be saying that this guy called Simba has gone crazy! But trust me, fellow doctors, I hereby declare to all of you out here...that I will prove it that I am capable of achieving all this...and more...cos after all, its all about self belief, and I know that I have an enormous amount of this self-belief. And I’m sure you all do, too. It’s just a matter of time before you all, and I myself see me making all this happen for real. So make sure you guys keep a really good track of what I’m upto, in the near future…just for records!

Well, that’s a lot of details from my side. Will write more later, after my MRCS exams are over. But i’d love to hear from you guys out there, and welcome any forms of support or criticism regarding my view-points here. So please do make it a point to air your comments, docs, cos it will only help me see both sides of the coin more clearly...and I need to be able to do that, before I set foot on this adventure of mines. I call this an ADVENTURE cos of the following. I’m sure that our lives are long enough, and our minds are talented & powerful enough, to experience more than one adventure in this life-time of ours. We have all been fortunate enough to experience one of these magnificent adventures...in the form of medicine. (very few on planet earth are fortunate enough to experience this vast and immense adventure called medicine). I’m just trying to experience some more. Well, that’s all for now, and all the best to all of you, and keep smiling!!!

Before I leave, I just want to add a line which I had heard in a movie or something, and which really means a lot, if you look at it from a very strong and deep perspective.....

…..”What makes a man a man? Is it his origins, or the way he starts things, or where he lives, or what he does? No. IT’S THE CHOICES HE MAKES. Not how he starts things, but how he finishes them.”

This doctor friend of your RxPG community, called simba_smiles, just wants to be able to make a choice.

Note: simba_smiles guestbook is located here at http://www.rxpgonline.com/guestbook2686.html. Please do sign his guestbook if you liked his article.

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