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Shape of the things to come - The probable future career options for Indian Docs

Author: Jeff Brown, Posted on Monday, March 29 @ 06:39:20 IST by RxPG  

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The following is an extract of an article picked up by our news staff from a reputable newspaper in USA. Read on and get fascinated by the American way of thinking.

-RxPG News

A lot of medical jobs could go to other countries. Maybe not emergency surgery, yet. But non-hands-on jobs such as psychoanalysis could be done via video, no problem. And all those doctors who sit around reading test results and ordering medication - their work could be done from abroad, too. All we'd need here would be inexpensive nurses to draw samples and run them through the machines.

Think of the savings! We could solve the health insurance and Medicare crises overnight.

Most of the higher-education establishment could be shipped overseas, too. Professors could give their lectures on video monitors. Heck, at some big universities, they've been doing that for years.

Come to think of it, we could ship the student body abroad as well. After all, what would be the point of having Indian professors teach American students to do jobs that are going to be taken over by Indians anyway?

Offshoring is so appealing that some of us might volunteer for it. I'd happily see my job shifted to some low-cost Caribbean island where it would pay half as much, so long as they'd ship me there to do it.

If you work in a big company, you've probably noticed that a lot of people you work with are never there. Some are bosses whose offices are always dark. Presumably, they're doing something useful somewhere, like meeting with bean-counters or buttering up their own bosses.

If they're not needed to run things day-to-day, send those jobs to Calcutta.

When's the last time you actually laid eyes on the top executives who run your company? Never? In lots of cases, they work in headquarters that are thousands of miles away. Couldn't memos saying "cut costs" or "raise profit margins" be sent just as easily from New Delhi as New York?

Sure they could. There are millions of talented, educated, hard-working Indians just chafing for a chance to run big American corporations.

And they wouldn't demand all those stock options, corporate jets and country-club memberships that Americans do. Offshoring management could save companies fortunes. That would stoke profits and make stock prices skyrocket.

After offshoring has fully flowered, those of us still working in America won't make much money walking each other's dogs and giving massages. But we'll make up for it with fat investment returns.

When the upper classes have been sent packing, America will be a workers' paradise.

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