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Medicos Lounge for Chit Chat and Social Conversations
This forum is for anyone who wants a discussion over anything apart from studies! Enjoy it but please do not use this forum to make political or personal comments against any government, group, company, religion or individual.
Revolution 2020 is a gripping and fast paced novel about love, corruption and ambition. Bhagat unearths the darker side of the education system, and for that matter, love too.
Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat
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  Does Numerology have a role in our lives?  2K 41K AJVPD1944  3 years ago by hello73 
  PG.. no time for love! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  76 4K shiba  4 years ago by ambroise_pare 
  How can we like something we don't understand.  11 640 Siyaa  6 years ago by kalinin_01 
  Are Boys Not Serious About Studies?  30 1K drnarya  6 years ago by Deathsnatcher 
  Whats the best part of a golgappa? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  56 2K ajax  6 years ago by arunsbn94 
  Can We Really Create Like God? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  291 6K veins  7 years ago by ernestche 
  Why are WE, THE INDIANS like this only? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  78 2K veins  8 years ago by rao871 
  Society's obsession with stereotypes  9 172 daifu  8 years ago by thread author 
  Is Bhagvadgeeta misunderstood in Russia?  10 296 AJVPD1944  9 years ago by arjunaaa 
  Society measures Success by only Instantaneous Results Go directly to Last Post in the thread  102 2K 87820  9 years ago by nisha_s22 
  When do we realise our calling?  7 209 Aleph2011  9 years ago by veins 
  Has match-fixing become the way of games?  4 82 AJVPD1944  10 years ago by sadhuram 
  Can science and religion go together?  10 584 AJVPD1944  10 years ago by PADMESHJAIN 
  Is the very own purpose of reservations being served?  32 557 hi_gm  10 years ago by zaxeeno 
  Can a Zero Rupee Note eliminate bribery from India?  12 289 Cybaba  10 years ago by zaxeeno 
  Does democracy mean freedom to do anything?  16 309 zaxeeno  10 years ago by thread author 
  My name is Khan  16 6K BGM  11 years ago by RxPG_Team 
  Is the media really sympathetic towards rape victims?  6 532 BGM  11 years ago by rmh 
  Yellow Journalism!  8 566 Siyaa  11 years ago by rmh 
  Gold! Does it really make people beautiful?  5 405 BGM  11 years ago by rmh 
  Are molestations on the rise in India?  6 354 AJVPD1944  11 years ago by aquaflame 
  Artistic taste, intellect and man  34 2K Cybaba  11 years ago by RxSMILE 
  What Matters Most - the End or the Means?  13 339 tinyrekhoo  11 years ago by RxSMILE 
  How safe .. are you ?  16 781 Dr_Akil  12 years ago by drsubhadip 
  Can u find ur special person in a chat room?  38 2K anweshi  12 years ago by Dr_Akil 
  Is there Life after Death? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  98 3K superashdoc  12 years ago by udal 
  Whats Wrong In Polygamy ? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  70 2K cyrus_Y_rus  12 years ago by nadu 
  Is It Important To Hav a Girl Friend / Boy friend ? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  156 7K cyrus_Y_rus  12 years ago by watchman22 
  How does postgraduation change someone?  10 733 cloudy  13 years ago by thread author 
  Guys Vs Girls! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  115 3K Asclepius  13 years ago by BGM 
  Should government reserve 49.5% in its cabinet?  2 33 mediboy_kolkata  13 years ago by thread author 
  Can Bollywood artists shine in the world?  6 946 harshadbhai  13 years ago by mightchillout 
  Will india win cricket world cup 2007  26 702 zxz909  13 years ago by watchman22 
  Internet Addiction - Does it Exist?  43 783 crab  14 years ago by docasgod 
  Baba Ramdev's Teachings Go directly to Last Post in the thread  69 1K drpupai  14 years ago by jayanta 
  A MBBS degree or experience; which is more valuable?  11 386 malu  14 years ago by THANATOS 
  Shining india-myth to reality?  6 382 skjeev  14 years ago by dieticianpushpa 
  VANDE MATRAM-- should we all sing? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  63 958 zorro  14 years ago by harshadbhai 
  Nationality.. is it all gone?  12 315 raybeiz  14 years ago by thread author 
  Humanity Vs Religions  1 168 zorro  14 years ago by skjeev 
  Can Best Friends be Good Lifepartners?  32 937 maxsyin  14 years ago by anweshi 
  North Indian boy+South Indian Girl = Best couple? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  113 3K NEHRA  14 years ago by decembermist 
  Offbeat?  41 943 tulip  14 years ago by neo_the_one009 
  Which songs are more melodious old or new?  34 723 superashdoc  14 years ago by neo_the_one009 
  Whollier Than Thou..  17 530 MaverickVim  14 years ago by thread author 
  Ban on Smoking Scenes in Films and Media  2 237 drkool  14 years ago by thread author 
  Indian writing in English lacks imagination  3 198 nuke  14 years ago by superashdoc 
  Sachin or Ricky? Who is better batsman?  24 534 superashdoc  14 years ago by harshadbhai 
  Friendship and Love - The Difference! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  66 1K syndrome_xy  14 years ago by maxsyin 
  Changing tracks in midway  2 262 maxsyin  14 years ago by busybody 
  Do You Procrastinate?  10 346 whiteguardian  14 years ago by fragile_x 
  If u were the Health Minister ?  13 239 ThE_AxEmAN  14 years ago by Bruno 
  Life is more than a PG entrance exam  31 1K feats  14 years ago by Osiris 
  How Responsible is Media these Days?  5 278 vineetgsvm  14 years ago by aujla 
  Sourav Ganguly dropped from cricket team! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  54 577 superashdoc  14 years ago by thread author 
  Ayn Rand. Why Love/Hate?  49 690 apoorvb  14 years ago by drdp 
  Shahrukh or Abhishek?  22 455 superashdoc  15 years ago by thread author 
  Sex, Crime & Medicos! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  79 5K rain  15 years ago by RxPG_Team 
  Evolutions and Origins  3 186 RxPG_Team  15 years ago by augustaddict 
  Has INDO-ENG Series Lost Its Charm Before Starting?  5 292 dr_vijaymalik  15 years ago by Bruno 
  The dawn of the Shudra  4 259 RxPG_Team  15 years ago by anonymous 
  Whatz da funda of emigrating?  30 705 organized_chaos  15 years ago by rajju077 
  Its Psychology that has to do with Developed India!  6 224 anonymous  15 years ago by dr_vijaymalik 
  Bird Flu & Chicken. To Eat or Not to eat?  5 247 anonymous  15 years ago by thread author 
  Emraan Hashmi. Girls do like him! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  61 1K simv  15 years ago by shriya 
  Gender identity in RxPG forums  24 758 Drstanilo  15 years ago by thread author 
  Medical Students = Leeches!  15 478 adiagra  15 years ago by KalaKauaa 
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