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UPSC CMS Forum Subscribe to UPSC CMS forum XML feed
Combined Medical Services Examination, Union Public Service Commission, India
This forum will discuss questions and queries about the UPSC CMS entrance exam. Users are welcome to ask or answer queries or discuss the actual exam questions here.
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Replies Views Started by Last Post
  How is chs cadre?  1 92 sangatamil  6 months ago by Sonaasanjana 
  When will be the Final results of UPSC CMSE 2019 ??  4 168 aamuhemanth  1 year ago by dassaayan 
  How is your life in CHS/IRMS going?  3 701 Personablue  1 year ago by aarthyganesan 
  Can someone shed some light on pros and cons in ordance medical  3 405 cricketfanatic  2 years ago by srinivasmv419 
  How post graduates are recruited in CMS ? Salary?  9 734 dinesh1121  3 years ago by Shorabhk 
  WhatApp Group for CMS 2017 Personality Test (Interview ) Preparation  3 257 upscdreamer  3 years ago by yeshwantsolanki 
  Which is better cadre  1 245 dinesh1121  3 years ago by thread author 
  When the final result come as the interview last date day was 15 Dec 2017 ?  1 82 9803113462  3 years ago by midhunmohank1 
  How to withhold our job in CGHS if we are doing PG  4 352 gurukumarsvmc  3 years ago by Kingstonxyz 
  How can we change our cadre from railways to cghs?  2 299 shardoolam  3 years ago by thread author 
  Can i join cms and later pursue pg under inservice category  6 318 bkhurana  3 years ago by vicky222 
  When will selected condidates in cms june 2016 get joining letter  18 653 kumaon  4 years ago by deepaksharma599 
  How to prepare for upsc cms  5 150 drgopambuj  4 years ago by thread author 
  Does anybody know about reserve list.? 131 seats in general are still vacant kept in reserve list but why.? where is the reserve list?  10 291 silentwork  4 years ago by drmanu0389 
  How to get your documents back from upsc office  1 75 silentwork  4 years ago by thread author 
  When will be the next UPSC CMS exam  2 81 MDRADIONGP  4 years ago by swamiman94 
  How to prepare for interview of upsc cms 2016  6 425 Al-Hindi  4 years ago by yashirani 
  Code for filling the UPSC CMS form?  7 2K princess  4 years ago by saklechadeepak 
  No negative marking in UPSC CMS?  11 3K dr_saurabh  4 years ago by ravindersy71 
  Can't see summon letter  1 62 babydip92  4 years ago by ranker2012 
  How to prepare for upsc cms interview?  1 232 pranidhan1992  4 years ago by srijib 
  Where to look for cadre allocation of cms 2015-urgently needed  2 155 rajarshi_sl  4 years ago by thread author 
  What will be upsc medical officers take home salary after 7th pay commisions implementation  17 2K DRBISWAJITSAHOO  5 years ago by sumanmallick2020 
  How much do u need to score in interview?  3 410 drmeet90  5 years ago by 108694364 
  Is there any exam for PGs in upsc?  5 219 siri2k6  5 years ago by thread author 
  When is the next training in railway  3 140 sudubaba  5 years ago by drvijaynik 
  Is chest X-Ray being taken on same day for men?  1 70 neo198  5 years ago by prasanthms 
  Is there a problem if attestation form gets delayed by more than ten days?  1 68 rupaliarora  5 years ago by Surenderreddy 
  How many days it will take for interview +medical +etc? for which date to take return ticket? plz help  33 679 dmcshakeb  5 years ago by shravankumar342 
  Which documents to be sent with DAF in detail  7 207 harley  5 years ago by MOHITAGGARWAL 
  How do doctors become ias toppers..what are the tricks of the trade?  7 515 DRBISWAJITSAHOO  5 years ago by raminenivijay 
  When will UPSC CMS result will be announced? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  226 19K jnankit  5 years ago by tapashrudrapaul 
  How many might be writing UPSC CMS in 2015  4 405 bollupradeep  5 years ago by sanwariya019 
  Can we use calculators for cms exam to solve problems from community medicine  1 52 PREETHAJACKSON  5 years ago by dr_ajaz_shaikh4u 
  Candidates waiting for upsc cms 2014 reserve list  3 156 dr_blue  5 years ago by Chiranthan 
  Which book is best for UPSC exam? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  102 8K drcgupta  5 years ago by arsh2342 
  Does phimosis makes me unfit?  7 234 HULK_SMASH  5 years ago by rhinothree52007 
  Is upsc worth it  2 119 copenhagen64  5 years ago by drphanikumarmbbs 
  Is exam for pg and ug doctors the same  4 79 faiz00720  6 years ago by kandukuriharika 
  Can v write cms after pg?  5 179 anutwinky  6 years ago by rajesh1961 
  Can we give upsc cms without clearing fmge examination?  3 194 dr_raval  6 years ago by thread author 
  How to get extention in UPSC CMS Railway Go directly to Last Post in the thread  64 2K drvijaynik  6 years ago by HarishPuntikura 
  What is meant by upsc eserve lisf  1 52 nava7820  6 years ago by starsiva 
  Is upsc pondy eligible for pg service quota ..pls help  2 82 whatsinaname  6 years ago by thread author 
  When will 2015 upsc exam be conducted  2 82 summer91  6 years ago by skundu1988 
  Which is the best posting for upsc cms ??  23 1K mayankupscdaf  6 years ago by futurefit 
  What is the process after getting final selection in CMS 2014  6 259 nitins  6 years ago by go2rensgold 
  How upsc allots particular place is there any councilling  1 100 9032117771  6 years ago by sowmyakumar123 
  Why dont they allow private practice in upsc cms  2 130 Vooradirakhi  6 years ago by PRAMODG11 
  Candidates having interview on 8th October  2 71 srijv143  6 years ago by seenu_181 
  How to get extension in CHS cadre for CMS 2013 Batch gather here.!  2 97 ankitg61  6 years ago by thread author 
  How to prepare for UPSC CMS  5 138 shobhitsingh87  6 years ago by drsasharif 
  How to get extension for those who r doing PG right now?  3 189 jip08  6 years ago by adytia 
  Does anyone of u guys talked to upsc helpline members  1 61 maheshoneandonly  6 years ago by raminenivijay 
  Candidates selected for interview cms2014 from Karnataka  1 44 rameshcg  6 years ago by thread author 
  When is the interview schedule likely to be released??  1 91 gaya3249  6 years ago by stutisaumya 
  What languages(including Indian Languages) can you read,write or speak? Give particulars and state the examination(s) passed,if any,for each  1 37 neerajmumwalia59  6 years ago by diyar 
  When is next upsc cms..  4 65 dinedakshan  6 years ago by aneik 
  What r the collages giving reservation in pg for upsc cms candidates  2 221 Vooradirakhi  6 years ago by thread author 
  How to select cadre options for upsc cms 2014 ?  1 57 sriharish561  6 years ago by diyar 
  How to fill date of internship completion if it is before 2010 in daf cmse 2014  18 145 don13372002  6 years ago by drnitesh 
  Can we use Matric certificate as a proof of date of birth in place of birth certificate in DAF CMS 2014  2 35 neerajmumwalia  6 years ago by gurukumarsvmc 
  Which service is good in upsc cms   Cardiology  7 269 vikashdelhi  6 years ago by drshivamkools 
  How to know marks in written exam cms?  7 201 gaya3249  6 years ago by shreepes 
  Which is best to join -cms or gdmo?  26 1K swapnil3529  6 years ago by goldberg116 
  Is it true that around first 400 candidates of cmse2013 got call letter for training at vadodara Go directly to Last Post in the thread  51 3K Spkapv  6 years ago by dhee20raj 
  What to do after reslt is provisonal  31 601 Drashu2k4  6 years ago by thread author 
  Where is the practice test ?  1 51 nandu56789  6 years ago by thread author 
  How to prepare for upsc?  2 187 DINESH55  6 years ago by MAHESHMANDALA 
  Is there amy info regarding PT schedule for CMS 2013 ?  1 45 tanmayr88  6 years ago by drsasharif 
  When will we receive Upsc cms 2013 appointment letter  1 86 Spkapv  6 years ago by drsasharif 
  What to do after reslt is provisonal  1 29 Drashu2k4  6 years ago by thread author 
  Which is better MD Pharm/PSM/Micro/UPSC(CMS) JOB?  28 782 ashishrnjn80  6 years ago by sree_72 
  Can anyone tell me the number of seats in upsc cms exam 2014?  14 457 Prakashmishra89  7 years ago by drpraky 
  How to prepare for upsc cms exam  6 247 reddymanoj  7 years ago by padatik 
  What is the cut off for qualifying written exam..  1 167 poojaat123  7 years ago by nisanth0054 
  What topic asked in your interview gdmo679  26 1K gazidel0  7 years ago by Khel 
  Is it possible to join PG/DNB maintaining UPSC CMS 2013 post ?  1 162 Cgsniper  7 years ago by star123 
  How to know reserve consolidated list..plz clarify  2 148 madhukothuru  7 years ago by thread author 
  When will the detailed marksheet of upsc cms 2013 be released  1 59 sporothrix  7 years ago by thread author 
  When is the upsc results gonna b out? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  843 30K drdot  7 years ago by drsurjeet 
  How to prepare for upsc cms 2014?  2 135 blak86  7 years ago by thread author 
  How to prepare for upsc interview?  10 255 kolkata2012  7 years ago by thread author 
  When will upsc cms result declare  3 184 abhisheksanodha  7 years ago by a4ucmc 
  When is UPSC cms 2014?  6 128 gtshrm  7 years ago by muzahid 
  Candidates not able to submit documents in upsc before 3/2/14  2 111 charlie_tango  7 years ago by sonusagar 
  When do we get joining letter?  3 91 vickeydps  7 years ago by thread author 
  What cadre to chose if u want to join AIIMS or PGIMER chandigarh as specialist?  3 416 jackandjill  7 years ago by sudmbbs 
  What are latest CPCR Guidelines for 2010 ?  3 42 drartiyadav  7 years ago by MAYANKMANU 
  Which books for cms2013/study group/help eachother Go directly to Last Post in the thread  52 2K Dalalvip  7 years ago by Ajjex 
  What is age limit to appear in UPSC CMS  3 126 doct4u  7 years ago by AJ_AJ 
  Is it true that there is no negative marking in AIPGMEE?  1 24 sandipbarvaliya  7 years ago by drtanwaranu 
  When is upsc exam?  1 22 drginto  7 years ago by rajeshvtrish 
  How was interview?  1 122 pranav138  7 years ago by histoplasma 
  Is it compulsory to bring interview letter to personality test.?  5 134 doc_anth  7 years ago by thread author 
  How to manage rural posting compulsory for pg entrance with upsc job ?  5 316 drrahulsingh303  7 years ago by nishilappadan 
  How 2 choose a zone in railways  1 69 crossboy  7 years ago by samirpg 
  Can i attend the interview?  1 38 nareshsolanki  7 years ago by DOOKUDU7000 
  When final verdict will on NEET PG CASE..  5 62 mahavirpd82  7 years ago by nandu56789 
  How to find out cadre updates  1 53 irifampicin  7 years ago by drsrikanth123 
  When upsc cms admit cards will be provided?  2 52 sudhanshu86  7 years ago by thread author 
  How and when will be the admit cards start being despatched?  3 48 pranabes  7 years ago by deep846 
  How to prepare gk in cms 2013  2 156 omalizumab  7 years ago by DrSunitaSahu 
  IS MCD good option as job if want to pursue post graduation too  1 150 bbhushan986  7 years ago by anshubuddy44 
  Candidates who got MCD in cms 2012  7 243 rahulkumar262  7 years ago by hrithikroshan 
  Why the notification not coming?  4 54 drfurqan265  7 years ago by thread author 
  Can someone please suggest what books to study from for upsc cms?  2 143 koushikireddy20  8 years ago by drssr2014 
  What is the next procedure  2 134 sudubaba  8 years ago by sunilkm08 
  When will final results of upsc cms 2012 will be declared...  15 527 targetaiiims13  8 years ago by thread author 
  What r chances now??  30 1K omalizumab  8 years ago by puneet_mishra83 
  When will be the results declared  1 170 irifampicin  8 years ago by omalizumab 
  Is there any UPSC CMS candidate who passed in written exam and could not sit in interview as he/she could not fill the DAF??  4 175 vishalvohra19  8 years ago by roxx 
  Which cadre is good and which is not  3 214 PGGHOST  8 years ago by rajivkamal 
  When result are going to b displayed,i had my interview don on 29th,someone told dat mark s r going to b known within 15 day of int??is it  1 86 kanaklata  8 years ago by pwi 
  Candidates for interview on 29th anyine from south  10 210 mdelias  8 years ago by kmt 
  When are cms results  1 144 elizabethcr  8 years ago by surajsgoyanka 
  When results will out  5 637 sudubaba  8 years ago by imemyself 
  What is average cutoff every year ???/  14 2K omalizumab  8 years ago by amprayag 
  Where to get previous answer keys  6 314 sbybakshi  8 years ago by jagtapmilind32 
  Is upsc form is out  13 963 sudubaba  9 years ago by drmahim-2009 
  Can any body suggests what are the hospitals we get through upsc in first 50 ran  1 317 fightor001  9 years ago by thread author 
  When upsc exam jan 2012 forms will come  8 757 varnik87  9 years ago by avijit69 
  When will the upsc cms 2011 result be out? third weak may already gone!  8 590 vir_resh16  9 years ago by anivin 
  When will the UPSC CMS 2011 results be out??  22 3K drkas1787  9 years ago by Thequest 
  What is a good score in UPSC CMS 2011  2 1K drsrikanth123  9 years ago by Thequest 
  Which book to study for UPSC CMS 2011?  2 416 resipsaloquitor  10 years ago by meghnagavali 
  Which book for gen ability?  1 251 soumalya  10 years ago by Amitloverboy 
  How to pepare for upsc  2 997 drswapnil_d  10 years ago by ramesh351984 
  When upsc 2010 final result expected?  1 102 vickschd  10 years ago by biddycool 
  Is it better to join as a rural medical officer in state government than UPSC  3 457 yashharshal  10 years ago by robin_dubey 
  Where to study from and score for UPSC CMS?  10 863 cooldude53900  10 years ago by vijayloya 
  When will be the results out?  7 297 drcksingh  10 years ago by bharatudey 
  When are placements in UPSC are announced once CMS is cleared?  6 414 drsundu  11 years ago by thread author 
  What will be cutoff for UPSC 2010  40 3K doc_adg  11 years ago by gautamblue 
  When CMS 2010 Result will be publish!  6 399 pawan2010e  11 years ago by amand 
  What shud b done untill d results r out???  2 154 drnikki1307  11 years ago by thread author 
  Which job is better..MCD,Delhi or Railways??  7 750 abhi29  11 years ago by amand 
  How was upsc 2010?????  6 475 drnikki1307  11 years ago by garima_mithu 
  Can i get postint in dept in which i hv done pg?  1 172 go2hell  11 years ago by shamim_khandaker 
  When the upsc 2008 final result will come?  2 104 bc_pg  12 years ago by 78371 
  What will be the expected cutt off of cms 2009 considering past year cutt offs?  1 282 dralokanand  12 years ago by sgnrs 
  How was your UPSC EXAM  36 1K Docshri  12 years ago by thread author 
  How is the paper of upsc-2009  17 710 Ramb  12 years ago by drrashi 
  Which is better pg or cms  3 544 deepak4672  12 years ago by thread author 
  How did u find cms-2007??  7 471 vic01  14 years ago by namsgupt 
  What all to read!!  1 328 BRAVO  14 years ago by bully 
  When is the last date for the applications for upsc 2007 xas  1 233 swee2  14 years ago by piyushchawla 
  When is d upsc exam?  5 410 ajubaba  14 years ago by jams 
  When is the interview for cms 2006  1 202 hss  14 years ago by piyushchawla 
  When are the results for UPSC CMS 2006?  20 2K counter_strike  14 years ago by raju 
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