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This forum is for general discussions and information about the possiblities and scope for overseas doctors in Australia. This is the first forum you should start with if you are new to Australian Career Scenario and want to know more.
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  Can I get anything without going for AMC examination?  2 688 a1sunilb  2 years ago by AndrewMD 
  Frequently asked questions Go directly to Last Post in the thread  72 27K NIC  3 years ago by richaarora 
  What are the Career Options in Australia after MBBS? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  226 72K dolive  3 years ago by rajeshgore 
  How to find supervised practice in australia  3 145 aksosho  3 years ago by tieudaonhan 
  Where to stay in Australia?  34 7K akmandal  3 years ago by Utkarshrana 
  How to find a job in Australia for provisional registration (Supervised practice)?  7 210 imgrk  4 years ago by samaad 
  How to pursue for AMC , presently working as specialist in india  6 201 ksandhu  4 years ago by Fazed 
  Is IELTS A Must? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  136 21K doctkashif  4 years ago by dr_shandip 
  Canadian exams  2 69 Samin4542  4 years ago by thread author 
  What are the career options in australia after diploma in anesthesia  2 156 prathyup  4 years ago by HetalAnesthetist 
  What are salary scales for doctors in Australia? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  75 29K plabotomy  4 years ago by niceboynice 
  Canadian Examinations  2 99 Noahfiger  5 years ago by candoc101 
  How much doctors get paid in Australia after amc  4 351 dramandeepgill  5 years ago by thepeeler 
  Is DNB recognized in Australia?  21 949 supraja_suresh  5 years ago by shukla28 
  How to get a area of need position in australia after MD anaesthesia and 3 year senior residency?  3 307 drvikas541  6 years ago by thread author 
  Is getting your first job that hard !  18 766 alshoga  6 years ago by deborahcg 
  Cant get selected for registrar training post after specialist assessment  42 836 drmanimakhija  6 years ago by kash83 
  How to proceed after getting the advanced standing certificate  2 82 Drsabahat  7 years ago by elie43 
  How to get PG in aus??  9 287 DrSathishBalaji  7 years ago by mercedezlad 
  What is the salary for a registrar in imaging department in australia now ?  1 49 priyaselvi  7 years ago by sureshprabhakar 
  Can i pursue a surgical degree in australia after mbbs?  1 62 Sahil51  7 years ago by sureshprabhakar 
  Is there any way to get into australia without any entrance exam ?  14 425 wifi1988  8 years ago by kavingray 
  Is plab a substitute for amc 1??  1 51 geobosco  8 years ago by drnitinjooty 
  How to find a supervised level 1 position as a GP anywhere in Australia?  11 247 mika101  8 years ago by imagination 
  How to apply for PESCI  4 213 rsshruthi  8 years ago by emharvey 
  How do you apply for jobs in Australia?  3 249 doc_nabilhoque  8 years ago by thread author 
  Which is a relaible recruitment agency for Austraila?  4 2K docpravin126  9 years ago by docbanzee 
  How to prepare for AMC CLINICAL exams  1 859 healers  10 years ago by drgauravsuneja 
  Does having a australian girlfriend benefit in clearing australian exam?  5 1K maxxum  11 years ago by borntowin 
  Can a doctor who passed PLABS work in AUS without taking AMC exam? (Im Thai)  2 787 mememeow  11 years ago by sala3333 
  How to find a doctor job(GP, hospital..) in Perth?  2 839 Simbalee  11 years ago by thread author 
  What are the carrer options Down Under after MS Ortho?  1 553 docoronrx  11 years ago by cobain7799 
  How helpful is VMPF course for AMC MCQ Exam?  5 3K sanafatima  11 years ago by vbiala 
  How to start preparation for MCQ AMC Go directly to Last Post in the thread  69 22K superanita  11 years ago by pyare 
  Is there any one for July 09 from India.  3 456 troy111  12 years ago by thread author 
  Canada Q Bank/ USMLE world ques for AMC preparation?  3 3K daria  12 years ago by troy111 
  Does passing MRCS give any befits regarding AMC registration or a post ?  1 396 superanita  12 years ago by hardcoremallu 
  Is there anyone who wants to sell AMCQ secondhand book?  5 969 wtmedical  12 years ago by ADMINO 
  How can one apply for asupervised training?  1 493 drjoe25  12 years ago by doctor_xx 
  How to prepare for amc part 1  5 1K vidyajha  12 years ago by healers 
  How to do specialization in medicine at Melbourne, after MBBS from India?  1 925 kranthi81  12 years ago by rustyb007 
  What after getting AMC certificate  2 1K jyots  12 years ago by thread author 
  How many times mcq exam  2 471 sahil_panjvani  12 years ago by thread author 
  What After doing Basic training  1 291 kunalnagar  13 years ago by NIC 
  Can i work in new zealnad after the amc exams????  3 630 shadyshady  13 years ago by drizzlesinsky 
  Is supervised training after amc2 paid??  1 332 drjoe25  13 years ago by destiny06 
  What is d condition in aus as of now?  5 818 doc_g  13 years ago by drpardha 
  Is amce helpful if i already hold mrcs?  3 574 egyptian_surgeon  13 years ago by NIC 
  Is Off-shore MCQ exam is different??  1 411 drawasthy  13 years ago by Usamaazmat 
  Where is bulimia?  6 535 blue_mars  14 years ago by ranafaisal171 
  Can anyone guide me bout jobs n careers in australia  4 713 specials82  14 years ago by drhirenpopat 
  Is there anybody working in australia?need some help please  1 345 wtsalloum  14 years ago by thread author 
  How can i join in any collages there?  1 267 razal  14 years ago by NIC 
  How to get paperwork sorted??  19 1K bindasnikhilg  14 years ago by Bulimia 
  Job prospects in Australia after PLAB?  11 4K zosyn  14 years ago by ghost_dog 
  What you can expect as an overseas trained doctor in Oz  12 5K plabotomy  14 years ago by Bulimia 
  Where does Indian training stand?  4 611 guest06  14 years ago by hotobhaga 
  Can AMC be given while doing Internship?  4 618 kunalvalia  14 years ago by new_doc 
  How much time does EICS verification takes?  2 983 dr_jan_82  14 years ago by KaitlynOz 
  How can I get Medical Insurance from outside Australia?  10 2K Thurem  15 years ago by plabotomy 
  What GP means in Australia?  3 2K drfaisalahmed  15 years ago by NIC 
  Which grade of registrar you get in Australia (MPL 1-8)?  8 735 confused  15 years ago by thread author 
  How to pursue PG in Australia  12 4K trun  15 years ago by mbbsintern 
  Should I Apply for Visa before Jobs in Australia?  1 1K kurmuk  16 years ago by delhiboy1000 
  Does mch help.?  1 785 syndrome_xy  16 years ago by delhiboy1000 
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