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Being a Medical Student In India
Place for students in MBBS (all years) to interact and discuss their issues.
Extensively revised and updated chapters to include recently introduced drugs, published information and therapeutic practices.
Essentials of Medical Pharmacology By KD Tripathi
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  Books for final year MBBS? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Surgery  67 96K ratnakar_potla  2 years ago by abhthe 
  Books to read for pathology? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pathology  104 141K s_simit  2 years ago by Aarti12101992 
  Best practical book for obstetrics and Gynecology  1 941 Rithzz  2 years ago by jainsanket2011 
  Shop sites for medical books  1 1K Mirthula  2 years ago by VikriK 
  How to use reference books while studying for NEET PG?(Harrison, bailey, Dutta, Robbins, etc)  6 4K Sweatsock27  2 years ago by thread author 
  Buying medical books  1 3K Rithzz  3 years ago by sid87 
  Buying medical books  1 3K Rithzz  3 years ago by sid87 
  All the pg books u need at one place!(be patient to treat patients)   Medicine  1 3K shridhargev  3 years ago by karthikgr8 
  Books for I MBBS   Other  21 24K devajyoti  3 years ago by bimb0510 
  Books for 1st Year MBBS  2 3K TheDevilBroly  3 years ago by thread author 
  Which book should I read for Clinical Medicine? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  55 78K jojo15  3 years ago by pankajbharali 
  Recommended book for ENT in Third MBBS?   ENT  40 53K swagatamb  3 years ago by darsitha 
  Please suggest gynae and obs practical books final year  1 2K reemaagarwal  3 years ago by sorafenib23 
  My 3 favourite books in MBBS Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  189 97K cat07  3 years ago by ponkhal 
  Basic Radiology Textbook in Final MBBS?   Radiology  2 6K Larry1981  4 years ago by stutiprabha 
  Books for Medicine in MBBS Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  73 76K shwetapg  4 years ago by khurimaqbool 
  Surgery book fr final mbbs   Surgery  3 3K medwod3  4 years ago by DrMemdani 
  Which Textbook Should I Read for Forensic Medicine?   Forensic Medicine  31 36K shabana  4 years ago by dramit08 
  PG books for MBBS 2nd year subjects?  3 2K Game_5abi  4 years ago by anu3 
  Books for each subject??  2 3K adilkarim  4 years ago by parvaiz11 
  Which books to study from in MBBS 2nd year? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Anatomy  63 122K karizma6600  4 years ago by Radhay97 
  Mcq Book for exam   Anatomy  1 956 BosePS  4 years ago by sivasankarmbbs 
  Books for ENT, Ophtahalmology   Anesthesia  8 27K Persistence_wins  5 years ago by RxPG_Team 
  From where can we get the answers of DrKamal MCQs book given on slideshare?  1 1K kistasmalic  5 years ago by arunimaray 
  Clinical Book for Ophthalmology?   Ophthalmology  1 1K acclimatized  5 years ago by Aussiembbs 
  Books-Microbiology & Forensic Medicine   Forensic Medicine  4 2K sheethal7  5 years ago by thread author 
  Book for biochemistry   Biochemistry  1 915 Game_5abi  5 years ago by arunprabhu21 
  How is Das Textbook of Surgery?  32 34K sajjanshenoy  6 years ago by robinhood7 
  Surgry book  2 1K crocin1234  6 years ago by thread author 
  Surgery book for Mbbs and pg entrance   Surgery  2 2K Kimione  6 years ago by apsie 
  Which is a good book for differential diagnosis?   Medicine  9 11K Aalu  6 years ago by adi666 
  Best book?  1 1K mounicarajasekar  6 years ago by summer91 
  Which books  3 2K ajurafeeq  6 years ago by utjag 
  Book for Orthopaedics   Orthopedics  4 4K Dr_iNFiNiTY  6 years ago by Sachin333 
  Book for Orthopaedics  1 1K Dr_iNFiNiTY  6 years ago by manoj9999 
  Books for a beginner in I MBBS  46 37K med_attari  6 years ago by imjungba 
  Study materials other than books   Other  2 1K chlorobenzene  6 years ago by Sachin333 
  Textbook for microbiology  1 1K karishma101  6 years ago by varravi1 
  Books enquiry 1st year..!!   Other  16 6K vitamin_anks  6 years ago by sthetho 
  Microbiology book  2 2K RoshanMT  6 years ago by thread author 
  Which books should I read for 2nd MBBS?  25 28K nervyM  6 years ago by karishma101 
  Book for surgery: srb or manipal??   Surgery  5 4K shrey71  6 years ago by vidyasagar49 
  Which book r to be read in 1 year keeping in mind pg entrance exs  2 1K saurav_skp  6 years ago by vidyasagar49 
  Books   Anatomy  2 1K NoorAhmadLari  6 years ago by DrPrashant91915 
  For university medicine exam which book is good davidson or mathews?  2 2K aditi3nigam  6 years ago by xcyborg007 
  Mcq book   Pathology  4 1K packiaraj  6 years ago by Surojit143 
  Community medicine pg entrance book   Family Medicine  2 2K rtee2490  6 years ago by vigneswarsb 
  Need suggestion on ECG books !   Medicine  1 888 vigneswarsb  6 years ago by vitamin 
  Mbbs preparation books   Medicine  6 5K sudmbbs  6 years ago by thread author 
  Fnl mbbs textbooks  1 869 aswani99  7 years ago by avani77 
  ANESTHESIA books fpr pg preparation   Anesthesia  1 3K Taa  7 years ago by drshrivastava 
  Books for 3rd yr mbbs   Infectious Diseases  2 1K sri34  7 years ago by kayp36 
  What Are The Recommended Books for Final Year MBBS   Other  22 79K suneetha  7 years ago by muzahid 
  Books for 3 year mbbs  2 1K sri34  7 years ago by thread author 
  Subject wise mcq books  1 1K brmanjubhargav  7 years ago by sri34 
  Books to read  1 765 rakeshsan  7 years ago by yashtodeti 
  Mcq book?  2 987 nvkk  7 years ago by thread author 
  Pg mcq books  2 1K rima21  7 years ago by Devanish 
  Soft copies of second year mbbs books  4 2K shaheen_34  7 years ago by thread author 
  Suggestion of books for pg preparation during MBBS course   Neurology  1 1K karthavya  7 years ago by decorousekta 
  Which Book to follow for UPSC exam  4 3K dr_r_sarkar  7 years ago by Anshulsharma 
  Books for neet  4 2K ckinjal1  7 years ago by indradeb 
  Wana learn acupressure any authentic source/book  1 1K jojo15  8 years ago by drmanthanbhatt 
  Pharmac : Help needed to choose books   Pharmacology  4 13K karizma6600  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Surgery book  5 2K javidmfs  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Books for 3rd Year MBBS with Clinical approach?  6 15K spatil  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Practical books for p.s.m , e.n.t , ophthalmology?   Ophthalmology  6 11K atarsingh271  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Books for final II MBBS?  6 6K swatis  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Textbooks  6 4K i_am_here  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  What are the concept building books in MBBS Second Year?   Pathology  6 5K shiksha  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Best book to refer gyanaecology...   Anatomy  7 4K docofarabiansea  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Any book for bio-stats for medical students?   Family Medicine  7 7K abhicr  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  How to read Robbins Pathology textbook?   Pathology  8 16K nature_cute_9  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Standard books of mbbs.  9 11K adityabora12  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Please suggest good mcq books.   Surgery  12 23K drgeek1234  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Obstetrics book?   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  3 3K javidmfs  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  ECG book??   Radiodiagnosis  2 3K javidmfs  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Which is the best book for understanding Embryology?   Embryology  23 30K doc_svm  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  What are the standard books for I MBBS?  30 27K medicilina  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Books for III MBBS Go directly to Last Post in the thread  149 55K roshan2k  8 years ago by contactKhans 
  Hey get some new books....  1 941  8 years ago by sonihunk 
  Recommended books  1 853 ashidez  8 years ago by diwan22 
  Popular Medical Books   Medicine  1 841 srtvm  8 years ago by draffu 
  Books  2 1K sandybasin  8 years ago by kuni 
  Books to read in IIIrd year with USMLE in mind?  3 4K hskulkarni  8 years ago by kuni 
  Who reads lenthy books,share my medical notes as my study partner  2 1K sumeet1160  8 years ago by sravzmed 
  Books for pg entrance  1 845 gugurigu  8 years ago by udhaye 
  Books to be followed in 2nd yr for Surg, Med, G & O, SPM, Ped..  11 4K usha21  8 years ago by mwaz 
  Mcq book for optham  1 1K nil238  8 years ago by sravaninaidu 
  Best book for 3rd year and final year .. including mcqs   Neuroanatomy  1 1K aparimitpandey  8 years ago by varuny2k6 
  Books For Final MBBS??  3 2K karizma6600  8 years ago by angio64 
  Books for 2nd mbbs  8 2K rkp180  8 years ago by papunanda007 
  Which books should i consult for pg being in 5th sem?  1 1K drsaniazahra90  8 years ago by thomaskurian 
  Which MCQ books should be done for AIPGE prep?   Other  2 2K shanoodoc007  8 years ago by aparna_rx 
  Need help to get a book  1 1K Aalu  8 years ago by dora6496 
  Books for 3mbbs  16 5K Megha_sweet  8 years ago by drgeek1234 
  Clinical books for ENT n OPTHALMOLOGY  1 1K 11031984  8 years ago by rohanrohekar 
  MBBS textbook learning strategy 1st year  5 8K loxytocin  8 years ago by ankitkumarsahu13 
  Books for surgery in MBBS   Surgery  2 4K mehnigar  9 years ago by doctor_ind 
  Surgery book in final yr?  6 4K IshaTiwari  9 years ago by thread author 
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