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Being a Doctor in India
How does it feel to be a doctor in India? This new forum is for doctors to discuss about issues that are not academic but still relate to your social, financial, political life in the largest democracy in the world. As the issues covered in this forum are wider and loosely defined than other forums, may we request all posters to maintain proper decorum and follow RxPG forum TOS (terms of service) while posting. To summarise, these terms forbids everything that is disrespectful and not constructive in nature, be it national or social debates, discussions, your personal reflections or opinions. If you have nothing constructive to contribute, then others would appreciate your silent participation more than anything else. Treat others in the way you would like to be treated. Discussions about organising charitable or voluntary work by doctors and medical students are also welcome.
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  Why U wanted to become a doctor?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  348 9K riya_123  2 years ago by Mkdoccc 
  Difference between MCI recoganised & MCI permitted  36 7K gutsygal  3 years ago by Ranisunil 
  How bad are most of India’s medical schools? Very, according to new reports.  1 40 Hermes37  3 years ago by shootingstar007 
  What is the difference in MCI recognized and permitted?  17 3K vladimir  4 years ago by silentwork 
  What money making option we have as a doctor..ofcourse clean one  1 48 Mandeeptundak880  4 years ago by sudarsans2008 
  How to prepare for image based questions for aiims and nbe  4 491 PriyankaMutha  5 years ago by hemz87 
  How to stay focussed in pg prep  5 238 Aishwaryaiyer  5 years ago by Joemoe3 
  How people degrade and criticize every speciality Go directly to Last Post in the thread  97 16K drfuzz  6 years ago by FLY-KINGFISHER 
  Which branch better for girls?  3 121 tarunineerus  6 years ago by alok_mohan_sinha 
  Is coaching necessary to crack PG entrance exams?  17 275 Sunshine24  6 years ago by Rajeshsaagar 
  What is right time to marry nd having 1st child?  6 98 zaferibra  6 years ago by arunsbn94 
  How to prpare for dervice quota after a long gao of 7 years without touch.  3 67 rinku78  6 years ago by thread author 
  How to open a private clinic after mbbs  1 79 doctor1245  7 years ago by doctorpower 
  How much fees a MBBS doc can ask from patients in his clinic  6 168 calpol1234  7 years ago by sbybakshi 
  Is compulsory rural psoting rule gonna be materialized, then for repeater like us lits end of everything..  3 65 athoiluching  7 years ago by drrahaman 
  Is it worth-struggling in india? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  57 1K ankurdiams  7 years ago by thread author 
  Which is more money making.gen.medicine vs gen.surgery  28 1K caps1  7 years ago by devika-rajput 
  How are the indian pg exams killing the talent ?  5 138 warlord  7 years ago by mehul87 
  Is 1yr Comp.Rural Service applicable for DNB/Private medical collge?  1 32 athoiluching  7 years ago by ronzsav 
  Is 1yr Comp.Rural Service applicable for DNB/Private medical collge?  2 47 athoiluching  7 years ago by Docsunn 
  How life goes of doctor Go directly to Last Post in the thread  95 2K SAMWILL  7 years ago by raniganj 
  Why Many GOVT. sites Getting Crashed Today?  6 129 mundaneblues  7 years ago by arindamsarkar 
  Can we really trust !?  3 59 dr_kool  7 years ago by mannitol 
  Can you purchase fluoxetine without a prescription?  6 39 vyazz  7 years ago by anu_6 
  Is it better to have a doctor as your Spouse or not?  4 51 blueflame  7 years ago by anu_6 
  How Unfortunate Indeed!  3 38 pvg1989  7 years ago by anu_6 
  Does it irritate you, when random aunties and relatives ask you why aren't you working? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  54 1K vyazz  7 years ago by thread author 
  Why only docs are bound to do service?  1 13 drsharma89  7 years ago by kodemrao 
  Is yearly renewal of mci registration necessary at all ???  1 44 indianmedic  8 years ago by janakiraman89 
  Is it possible ?  1 17 chalhatt  8 years ago by superdoc 
  Why some doctors still use red plus sign instead of caruceus?  6 318 Desmond22  8 years ago by btalera 
  How to clean up the corrupt medical system!!  3 22 alexander  8 years ago by thread author 
  Why do we need a p.G?  1 29 misscool  8 years ago by irarora234 
  What should be your wife's pg branch?-authentic reply plz Go directly to Last Post in the thread  120 12K dranoopkr  8 years ago by nikhilbkem 
  What is the future of diplomas????  17 1K chaitanya143  8 years ago by ghanashhyam 
  How to control this quacks  4 150 doctorvidyashree  8 years ago by rajeshshetty 
  How and Why to go about MCI Registration?  3 2K aj  8 years ago by anshumaan_india 
  Is it possible  1 176 docshah1  9 years ago by vitamin_k 
  What is best paid specialty? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  67 7K sunshine9  9 years ago by 87820 
  Why are there such few doctors in indian politics?  8 1K RxPG_Team  9 years ago by mindblowing 
  Can mbbs certificates be withheld ? injustice isnt it?  2 737 an242  9 years ago by azygos 
  What it takes to be a great doctor  8 1K dinesh22  10 years ago by rara 
  Why are there no campus placements for doctors?  13 2K ridhs  10 years ago by rara 
  What should be the format of stamp for a doctor?  1 1K ravi_medico219  10 years ago by BGM 
  What is next future of india.  17 1K dr_dskz  10 years ago by entranceblues 
  How would u feel that caste category will helpful to doctors ..?  8 849 pavan4u9587  10 years ago by chronic_pgwriter 
  How to write a good CV for medical jobs in India?  7 1K K_Sara_Sara  10 years ago by thread author 
  How many Gynaec Books and Journals did you read last month  1 755 Bruno  10 years ago by rashmila_kothari 
  Why does a doctor continue to live like that....?  1 414 supriya_rastogi  10 years ago by thread author 
  Is there any way for a foreigner to do MS in surgery in India?  2 536 superanita  11 years ago by vitamin_k 
  Is our education system messed up?  2 585 AJVPD1944  11 years ago by thread author 
  What will YOU choose?? MD Medicine / Radiology  7 1K grandmaster  11 years ago by thread author 
  How to be cardio thoracic surgeon  3 785 simba123  11 years ago by navneet07 
  Why doctors r not allowed to advertise and market themselves?  3 598 ryma890  11 years ago by thread author 
  Is our Patriotism now limited to 15th August & 26 January?  2 292 docoronrx  11 years ago by thread author 
  Why a doctor's health is so neglected? r we not humans?  6 469 ryma890  11 years ago by thread author 
  Why do we doctors keep comparing and assuming that other professions r better Go directly to Last Post in the thread  79 3K ryma890  11 years ago by clearcut 
  What are the Factors in choosing a medical PG speciality?  1 449 drdreamweaver  12 years ago by AJVPD1944 
  What is the ideal time to marry for a doctor?  14 660 dracomalfoy  12 years ago by sonusun 
  Is there a doctor onboard?  13 280 Cybaba  12 years ago by Siyaa 
  What are the scopes??kindly suggest/inform-------  1 256 nomoredoc  12 years ago by jiteshlk 
  How good is nuc med  1 192 moudgil  12 years ago by AJVPD1944 
  Why govt college engineers ARE allowed to work in MNC WHILE GOVT MEDICO NEED TO  3 305 DRMURUGAN  12 years ago by AJVPD1944 
  Why can't Doctors have fixed hours of work like others?  1 346 AJVPD1944  12 years ago by adsy22 
  What have you done for your professors during postgraduation?  1 814 cloudy  12 years ago by rajju077 
  Whats the future of docter who FINISHED UG IN THESE DAYS???/  6 376 seenappa  13 years ago by thread author 
  Can a mbbs perform a caesarian section  12 682 rehanz  13 years ago by drnarya 
  Why should'nt we doctrs smoke..drink..njoy..  29 1K dr_danger  13 years ago by ryma890 
  Can a female prepare for her pg entrance after giving birth 2 a child?  17 707 kidney  13 years ago by drsmita_s 
  What would you do if 'history repeats itself' from YOUR 12th Std?  16 880 ellalan  13 years ago by ryma890 
  How much of clinical should we know at mbbs level..  9 552 dr_danger  13 years ago by heparin 
  How do Doctors entertain?  14 309 money80  13 years ago by dweep 
  What happened to the one year compulsory rural service issue  2 362 syndrome_xy  13 years ago by pciyer 
  Where is List of MCI Recognised Medical Colleges?  1 3K doc_g  14 years ago by RxPG_Team 
  Where is List of WHO Recognised Medical Colleges?  1 2K sarjyot  14 years ago by RxPG_Team 
  Does gen category diplomas better than reserve category mds Go directly to Last Post in the thread  61 1K docsuresh  14 years ago by davinci 
  Can immolation melt arjun singh  3 190 pankaj4plabuk  14 years ago by thread author 
  Why should general category people marry?  6 254 jerkylld  14 years ago by maxsyin 
  Why only medicine n engineering  1 148 drabhisek  14 years ago by NEHRA 
  Issue of quota and reservation in competitive exam  12 544 dr_ronnie123  14 years ago by light 
  How much reservation in your state?  6 323 gauraf4u  14 years ago by raghuromio 
  Is the decison of calling off the strike till 12th may right  4 299 vikasmehta  14 years ago by thread author 
  What you think about Dr Palash Sen. Is he a good doctor or.  21 307 dm  14 years ago by thread author 
  WHAT would have U been..if U were NOT a DOCTOR..??  25 413 dr_ravs  14 years ago by sybarite 
  Why all doctors ought to know about "earthquake"?  9 454 Kanna2005  15 years ago by thread author 
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