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Thinking about USMLE? This is the forum to discuss your options and get advice from those who have done it already! Find out about the process, timescales, finances and eligibility.
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  For newbies thinking/preparing for USMLE Go directly to Last Post in the thread  207 82K lovarts  10 years ago by heman466s 
  How to start preparing for USMLE from India Go directly to Last Post in the thread  198 63K mparvez  8 years ago by sleepwalker 
  Completed all steps ( 1+ck+cs ) of MLE with scores above 240, ask me anything Go directly to Last Post in the thread  150 62K scared  5 years ago by drswap07 
  Anyone to guide me here abt usmle? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  80 37K sowkat  9 years ago by vaibhav2011 
  My combined Experience with prePG and USMLE Go directly to Last Post in the thread  70 23K sausi  8 years ago by anshumantripathi 
  USMLE Dreams Over for Indian Students  49 31K cdrin  9 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  How to find clerkships/electives.  46 20K 5452  6 years ago by anuragadhikari 
  USMLE - before or after PG?  45 26K docOc  8 years ago by docrammbbs 
  Usmle :doubts abt how to go through the entire process.  40 15K epok  8 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  WHY are you preparing for impossible USMLE ?  39 17K rockstardelhi  7 years ago by blawi1 
  Courses dat can be done in US without usmle  33 27K sudha786  6 years ago by confused_sperm 
  Direct job in USA  31 13K drkamlesh_hisin  7 years ago by srikanth90 
  Radiology career in usa  27 15K iwannabagmypgnow  7 years ago by drmagus 
  About usmle after dnb radiology  27 12K nishantmdgastro  8 years ago by raj56389 
  Are there any other ways to go to US after doing PG from India apart from USMLE?  26 30K drshivamkools  7 years ago by Biohazard1 
  Where do people study for usmle?  24 7K mounika262000  7 years ago by doc2607 
  What is present situation in USA for Indian medical graduates to get residency in medicine?  21 11K arohi  7 years ago by drderamt 
  Road to USMLE  21 6K drpreeti916  8 years ago by zen228 
  My journey . usmle lows . indian residency . future ??  21 12K vaibhav2011  9 years ago by Dr_Aashish77 
  Is it true that usmle is going to be a shut door for new doctors?  19 8K hereiam87  6 years ago by explorer1 
  USMLE Step 1 Study Partner in Ontario  17 6K WhiteApple  5 years ago by jaisonjacob 
  USMLE query.  17 10K parthkhunadia  4 years ago by vikas25187 
  Neurosurgery in US  17 9K ccr  6 years ago by 5452 
  Research outside the united states  16 4K leginzav  7 years ago by reddyians 
  Is TOEFL required for USMLE ?  16 11K depette  9 years ago by thread author 
  Is USMLE going to be a DREAM for future aspirants?  14 4K sajidsk  7 years ago by sushi_lost 
  Expense for USMLE  14 7K suhani_india  10 years ago by cracker2011 
  Which country is the best if i just want to get out of india and practise outside?  13 5K royalmedicus  7 years ago by cdeepak07 
  What study materials to follow for USmle?  12 9K SkepticNeuron  4 years ago by doer91 
  Is us govt increasing residency seats I've heard they have put a bill for it in senate wat atb it?  12 4K mounika262000  8 years ago by dharamkhanna1234 
  US facing drastic shortage of doctors  12 5K drvivek83  7 years ago by drnks 
  Govt makes it harder for doctors to stay on in US- Times Of India  11 4K yatin123  8 years ago by thread author 
  How many countries accept USMLE apart from USA?  10 22K Drfaryd  7 years ago by monster2492 
  How to get MS Orthopaedics in USA?  10 8K kpvikas1104  8 years ago by reddyians 
  Is there any benefit of doing MS Surgery in India for getting surgical residency in US?  10 4K nantu  9 years ago by sakib_kmc 
  How much do we get paid during residency in America?  9 6K SkepticNeuron  5 years ago by vagusmedicus 
  Usmle aspirants  9 3K doctor_ind  7 years ago by Hoor 
  Should one go for us fellowship after super postgraduation  9 3K vijayjagad  9 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  MD Pathology in India Vs USMLE  9 4K saanvi  10 years ago by drkrishusa 
  Usmle step 1 study partner from bangalore  8 3K virgo1309  6 years ago by adhi 
  MPH vs Observerships  8 3K sweet_cool  8 years ago by usresidencymatch 
  Kaplan step 2CK 2013 lecture notes  8 3K Themenhel  8 years ago by thread author 
  Should i prepare for USMLE??  8 3K gurmi  9 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  Any OLD IMG Grads out there? Any advice?  7 3K vagusmedicus  5 years ago by drmanas87 
  Is Pg from US valid in India?  7 16K SkepticNeuron  5 years ago by Ramki6745 
  Is it possible for student like me to get the residency in US??  7 3K ronakcooldr  6 years ago by s19v22 
  Current scenario 2015 for post graduates frm india  7 3K sanket103  6 years ago by sshiva 
  Any Coaching centers for usmle in hyderabad?  7 9K drchillpill  6 years ago by 231285 
  Research and Clinical Elective  7 3K Doctor_Neal  6 years ago by ras95 
  Harder to get residency?  7 2K wildflower56  6 years ago by lman622 
  Should we go for usmale considering present conditions?  7 3K royalmedicus  7 years ago by sabnamk 
  USMLE after gaps in experience  7 2K imperwrath  7 years ago by whitegold 
  Mch or usmle?  7 2K risingbull  8 years ago by vikas_gurbani 
  Any use of doing general surgery from india n thn applying for usmle residency?  7 3K doc21  9 years ago by rohankh 
  Can I get a residency after 3 year gap since MBBS  6 6K Useranonymous939  2 years ago by saikrrish24 
  Giving up USMLE. Moving ahead, need advice.  6 5K ajay175  5 years ago by deepyarram 
  Need help with USMLE.  6 3K SkepticNeuron  5 years ago by drlightning 
  Applying usmle  6 3K Akkuus  5 years ago by bijile 
  Neet-dnb-aiims-state pgs / USMLE  6 3K drshreya14  6 years ago by royalmedicus 
  Usmle or neet?  6 3K gyati  8 years ago by bensd 
  I want to go to US for further studies. can anyone guide me please. i m intern  6 2K karan2buzz  8 years ago by thread author 
  Going to usa after md in india  6 2K ravisingh_196  9 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  Practise in usa  6 3K vsuhasp  9 years ago by AshB 
  Do I start NOW? If not now, then WHEN?  6 4K startingprep  9 years ago by thread author 
  Usmle for orthopedic surgeon  5 8K rajeshpawar2001  3 years ago by DMoncolung 
  USMLE or Indian PG?  5 6K parthkhunadia  5 years ago by thread author 
  Is it right time to start preparation?  5 3K kireetratan  5 years ago by drmanas87 
  NEED HELP..! planning to give usmle step 2ck first  5 2K Lakshmi2605  6 years ago by optimusprime 
  Research electives in US- Help!  5 3K malvikanagpal  6 years ago by anuragadhikari 
  HELP PLEASE! which branch to pick in post graduation in india so it may help me in matching  5 2K maddy_0505  7 years ago by thread author 
  In need of usmle step 1 preparation materials  5 2K drnaren2013  7 years ago by hydros 
  Can I appear in USMLE after 2nd year MBBS?  5 3K jezz  7 years ago by reddyians 
  Queries regarding how can China Graduates apply for USMLE  5 2K kash13  7 years ago by suresh2013 
  Would I have to repeat residency in medicine after USMLE?  5 3K kkalvit  7 years ago by thread author 
  Medical courses in usa without giving usmle  5 2K drchristine  8 years ago by drikirti 
  Query regarding getting obg residency in usa  4 8K Pvnpadma  3 years ago by shweta_1788 
  Fellowship  4 5K DrHarshPatel  4 years ago by dr_chirag_07 
  Chances of getting residency  4 4K drsaeedalam2008  4 years ago by Shraddharaj 
  Usmle form confusion  4 2K Akkuus  6 years ago by drhnis 
  Is it practically possible for an indian medical student to get residency in neurosurgery (7 year course) from USA through USMLE?  4 2K swapnill93  6 years ago by saavi 
  Surgery in US  4 2K doctans  6 years ago by yashppatel2895 
  Job in usa as orthopedics  4 1K drlooser  7 years ago by docmcstuffins 
  Emswp info  4 2K heresprerna  8 years ago by thread author 
  Advantages of usmle exam  4 4K vabzyboy  7 years ago by rockstardelhi 
  Advice on USMLE  4 1K mushus  8 years ago by thread author 
  I want to go to hopkins probably surgery or research. what scores will be needed for this?  4 2K karan2buzz  8 years ago by thread author 
  No surgical branches for IMGs IN US after USMLE?  4 4K gujjuman17  9 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  USMLE Exam from India  4 3K embolus  10 years ago by thread author 
  Surgery in the US after MS surgery.. is it worth it??  4 4K entranceblues  11 years ago by aj4akshatjain 
  Study materials  3 3K funkeysanju  5 years ago by doer91 
  Md pathology from india is valid usa or not?  3 4K ankitsidana  5 years ago by senosakshi 
  Spouse is an american citizen  3 2K veteran  6 years ago by thread author 
  Usmle  3 2K VCReddy  6 years ago by thread author 
  How good is TAU?  3 2K SHAWS21  6 years ago by ankita88 
  Clinical Elective at Weill Cornell 2014  3 2K victorinoxer1  6 years ago by belikewater 
  Can 1 get licence to practice in US without having to do residency all over again.  3 1K levinia  7 years ago by arunkami92 
  Library in Kukatpally, hyderabad....  3 2K drhnis  7 years ago by jetty_vikas 
  Options for indian pediatrics in usa  3 1K marie82  8 years ago by reddyians 
  Is there exemption for any field or institute in the USMLE  3 4K depette  9 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  AIPGE/DNB or USMLE,which is more feasable?  3 4K DrRoy6  10 years ago by kmax24 
  Sketchy videos  2 3K Drfur  2 years ago by Dadodoria 
  Free USMLE Biostats Review Videos  2 5K seems4821  2 years ago by WESLEYAD 
  Uworld score 80%, wat score to expect in step1  2 7K dnextdon  3 years ago by pranavspatil 
  Confused about USMLE and other career option. Please help !!!!  2 7K ronakcooldr  4 years ago by thread author 
  USMLE step1 time line help for first year MBBS student  2 7K PushpPreetGill  4 years ago by sks1213 
  Guidence for usmle books and preparation  2 8K yasiraziz  4 years ago by karanphilip 
  FORM 186  2 2K vivek192079  2 years ago by anurag08 
  USMLE queries  2 2K dradityamanekar  6 years ago by aiimsismydream 
  Any allied health courses or medical related courses after which there are good prospects of jobs in USA  2 2K wanderlust2015  6 years ago by bhaiyaji 
  Can one apply for fellowship in USA after doing MS/DNB general surgery in India??  2 3K drneet07  6 years ago by dajazussm 
  Clerkship  2 2K aditya42  6 years ago by drhnis 
  Post 2015 residency  2 2K solesoul143  6 years ago by MyEditor 
  Usmle step 1 partner in Ireland  2 1K sajjad448  6 years ago by thread author 
  Old IMG retaking USMLE after 7 years  2 2K Macxs  7 years ago by scepticemia 
  Fellowships in psychiatry  2 2K dr-swetha  7 years ago by malvikanagpal 
  Ngo service  2 6K its_not_me  4 years ago by Richagarg12345 
  Orthopaedic fellowships in usa  2 1K TAMILNADUPG  7 years ago by its_not_me 
  Step 1, June  2 1K scared  7 years ago by thread author 
  Need help regarding VISA..  2 1K narendranath110  7 years ago by thread author 
  Anyone applied Post MD here?  2 2K memymyselfin  7 years ago by dimple86 
  How much will it cost in total to complete USMLE from India?  2 2K sajidsk  7 years ago by thread author 
  Does rural service requirement in India affect USMLE eligibility?  2 2K gypusa  7 years ago by srisravan 
  How to join KAPLAN Courses for USMLE?  2 2K drlovely  7 years ago by lonly4uonly 
  Is Indian Govt forcing Indian medical residents to comeback from US?  2 1K cnb1989  7 years ago by gypusa 
  Bond for US bound indian medicos and no option but to return!  2 2K bilae  8 years ago by reddyians 
  Nuclear medicine in us after doing dnb nuclear medicine in india  2 2K rohithkotha  8 years ago by kanika21 
  Age criteria for old graduate  2 836 IMGDoc  8 years ago by akskam23 
  No more seats for IMGs after 2015?- JAMA article  2 2K druid047  8 years ago by thread author 
  RESEARCH necessary ?  2 2K docrammbbs  8 years ago by flyin_high 
  Carrier options in US after doing MD Dermatology??plz guide.  2 2K moksh  8 years ago by start06 
  Guys help me with which publication helps in usmle?  2 2K risingbull  8 years ago by docrammbbs 
  Preparing for aipg or usmle. can i do both?  2 1K Sutanaya  9 years ago by sweet00 
  Future of USMLE  2 2K manitmc86  9 years ago by thread author 
  Usmle scope for md radio  2 4K parb  16 years ago by nits 
  Fellowship in us after md in India  1 2K manideepvicky  2 years ago by edomoves 
  Usmle study meterials  1 6K funkeysanju  2 years ago by kgupta1992 
  Applying for Research Electives in USA while doing MBBS  1 6K asa1801  3 years ago by niksgupta1 
  Usmle books  1 5K Mohit1994  3 years ago by frued0605 
  Observership without usmle  1 6K drvarda  3 years ago by mm1414 
  Advantage of any of icmr research scholarship in usmle  1 4K ishitasingh39  3 years ago by DMoncolung 
  Trying to get orthopedic in usa after md pedia from indian college.  1 6K dnextdon  4 years ago by sks1213 
  Usmle after two years......is it possible???is it good decision  1 4K aksuggie  4 years ago by drmanas87 
  Need a lot of help regarding my doubts  1 3K bharghavshreeram  5 years ago by drmanas87 
  New videos  1 2K prasad_webmaster  5 years ago by vagusmedicus 
  What type of visa is needed for USmle  1 2K SkepticNeuron  5 years ago by drmanas87 
  Need help regarding USMLE.  1 2K SkepticNeuron  5 years ago by thread author 
  Air conditioned Quiet reading Rooms/ Study halls in City Centre Hyderabad  1 14K raks6882  5 years ago by scholars 
  Classroom programs  1 1K warikoosam  5 years ago by thread author 
  Ecfmg registration  1 2K anjanakk  5 years ago by drshashirekha 
  Important chapters in USMLE step 1  1 2K 231285  5 years ago by arjun1992j 
  Any one wants to buy usmle step1 material  1 1K DR_459  6 years ago by draayushgarg 
  Is usmle worth it?  1 3K akspeshion  6 years ago by explorer1 
  Mle dilemma  1 1K docmle29  6 years ago by vamsireddy 
  Upcoming Medical Specialisation fields?  1 2K whatdoidonow  6 years ago by drmzakhan 
  Which one to choose? USMLE or AIPG. Interested in doing Surgery. Or to go for Internal Medicine?  1 2K skd3009  6 years ago by scepticemia 
  Aiims vs usmle  1 1K rahulpatil04291  6 years ago by prateek25 
  Please guide about Kaplan Live and Center Prep courses  1 2K vka123  6 years ago by dajazussm 
  Bangalore usmle coaching centers  1 1K aseena  6 years ago by thread author 
  Scope after md anaesthesia in US  1 2K archuradio  6 years ago by Mayur10scorpio 
  Post doctoral fellowships  1 1K 231285  6 years ago by archuradio 
  Research in USA  1 1K sudha786  6 years ago by thread author 
  Diploma in usa  1 921 swatz5  7 years ago by doctor_ind 
  Electives during Dec-March.  1 1K bhatanusha07  6 years ago by anuragadhikari 
  DIT- Doctors in Training videos  1 1K namanbansal30  7 years ago by Asadhu 
  Practice in US after md/dnb/mdrd ??  1 1K drmanish725  7 years ago by shree1 
  Plz help  1 927 mounika262000  7 years ago by cryptococcus 
  Masters in health administration in usa  1 2K dimplereddy  7 years ago by saavi 
  USMLE after gaps in experience  1 1K imperwrath  7 years ago by kmeghana2007 
  Have anyone here tried sending your USMLE application form to ECFMG not via the medical office?  1 1K jojo1515  7 years ago by drhnis 
  Icmr sts topic- community based study or hospital based?  1 3K priyanka_amonkar  7 years ago by vishpadwale007 
  Can you suggest best books to buy to start preparation for USMLE?  1 1K godzilla09  7 years ago by thread author 
  Can I get fellowship or jobs in US after MRCOG?  1 2K cynicMS  7 years ago by thread author 
  For fellowship in usa  1 1K MBPATEL2912  6 years ago by mohammada 
  What is the scope for getting surgery in US after USMLE?  1 1K msafwan89  8 years ago by trendsetter 
  Post graduation fellowships in orthopaedics  1 755 vishurocks  8 years ago by thread author 
  Where is the KAPLAN center in Mumbai?  1 1K Hardik30162  7 years ago by ateev 
  MD/DNB validity/recognition in USA  1 1K drnazir84  8 years ago by medicalconcepts 
  Doubt about MSPE for those with failures in MBBS (final year)  1 1K siddhuv  8 years ago by thread author 
  Confusion neet of aipgme  1 1K sidh84  8 years ago by dineshkumar990 
  Scope of job after pg in medicine from USA in UK,USA,AUSTRALIA AND INDIA(WORLD)  1 1K usmle2010  8 years ago by embolus 
  Anyone seeking residency in united states after FCPS in pakistan/indias  1 1K durrani1  8 years ago by admiral 
  Times of india 25/4/2012  1 1K umesharma  9 years ago by thread author 
  How to apply for ECFMG certification  1 1K pruthvi  9 years ago by nara77 
  Age limit for getting residency  1 1K jinsukhi  9 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  India Or Usa?  1 3K sweet_cool  10 years ago by thread author 
  Elgibility for usmle  1 3K Nivethitha  10 years ago by drbulbul24 
  Jobs in America  1 3K jojobo  10 years ago by ronyg 
  USMLE for BUMS degree holder?  1 3K drsandeep26  10 years ago by DocHollyWood 
  How to start usmle prep from 2nd year??  1 3K gr8_mind_at_work  10 years ago by thread author 
  Getting a bank loan for usmle  1 3K anoopc82  11 years ago by dust88 
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