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RxPG :: View topic - Help for PSEUDOGANGLIONS please !!!!  
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help for PSEUDOGANGLIONS please !!!!!!!
axillary n. splits in post and ant branches one out of Quad space..

post branch forms a psuedoganglion and supplies Teres Minor.....

so wat is the purpose of this pseudoganglon??? what effect does it have??

People......PLEASE REPLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Aim USMLE Step 1

pseudoganglion is a slight thickening of the nerve that resembles a ganglion......that's y it's a false ganglion

not aware of the function.Does it have any?

another eg from Inferior extremity is lateral terminal branch of Deep Peroneal Nerve.........


Aim USMLE Step 1

another example is posterior interosseus nerve in forearm ending in a psudoganglion

function not known


are yaar locations to pata hai..................function par atkee hoon


cant find anything mentioned about function.So i suppose function wunction kuch nahi.
It is a localised thickening of a nerve trunk having the appearance of a ganglion.And thats all.
move on


are bahi i beleive that nothin in the human body is without function.......so isko kya khuda ne aisehi rakh diya hai?


there a lot of thing in human body without any function known as vestigeal organs. maybe this too does not have any function.

anyways for all the pseudoganglion (as even i dont thing there are anymore other than this) see the following link
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Aim USMLE Step 1

wat american society of anatomists say about pseudoganglion
dekho bahiyo aur bahno , i consulted american society of anatomists on their website about the function of psedoganglion and wat they answered me thru e-mail was

"While the exact function of these structures is not definitively known, it appears that these structures may serve as a protective thickening of the nerve at an area of high stress or interaction between the nerve and surrounding muscle tissue. Histologically there are no ganglion cells present but instead results from a thickening of connective tissue and fibroblasts in this region of the nerve. This is the best explanation, especially for the nerves you mention. However, for other pseudoganglia, their position often occurs at the terminal end of a nerve, and probably represents an area of increased nerve fiber branching from this point. Hence an increase in connective tissue covering around a multiple branch point for the nerve. Hope this helps."
From : Spears, Robert D. <RSpears@bcd.tamhsc.edu>


thanks a lot....

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