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RxPG :: View topic - For newbies thinking/preparing for USMLE  
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Author Message

Aim MRCP Part 1

hey fellow rxgpians

thanks to the person who opened this thread as its so easy to get lost out here so this thread is gonna help much. I am intern at the moment and planning to take USMLE this year,but i am a newbie icon_biggrin.gif I have few queries and it will b a gr8 help of any one can tell me

1)how much time does it requires to preapare for each step at max?

2) Can i give Step-2 CK and CS first and then go for Step-1 as my clinical subject knowledge is fresh now!

3)Wat is the time limitation between each steps?

4)Is kaaplan and other normal textbook which we folllow in medical school such as gyuton for physio and snell for anatomy enough ?

5)and last but not least tell me some sources where i can get resources that can boost my preparation

count me in your team guys icon_razz.gif


Aim USMLE Step 1

Plz no.Honest advice.
I wanna advice ri_sh to not even think of giving step 1 while as a undergraduate.If God forbids u fail, it will be written in ur record even if u pass afterwards, and trust me it doesnt have a v gud impression on residecy programms trying to short list candidates for Interviews.My advice is first complete ur medical graduation then, it's up to u to do ur internship or sit at ya home and dedicate ur every sec of ya time to step 1.But u will need atleast 6-8 months to prepare as u i assume will be an IMG(International medical graduate).While its a gud start that u aiming seriously for Usmle Steps prep, but bro/sis its not the rite time for u.With the grace of God, u shall clear them with high percentile after ur graduation.Gud luck.

Aim NEET PG 2012

hi am a newbie...doing my internship nd planning to take d mle
is it advisable to take it while working as an intern or do i need to sit back home fr last few months b4 actually writing d step1
pls do help


pls some one clear it for me
wats the difference between clerkship externship observership and electives and when to apply for wat

Aim USMLE Step 1

hey thanx dramy n wajahat 4ur replies....i was reali confused abt wen 2 giv step 1 bt u guys hav reduced ma prob 2an extent.i thiink i shud concentrate more on d observerships n try sum luck der.do ul know whuch universities r gud 4 it n hw do u go applyin 4it???thanks 4 al d help guys


Observership - U jus observe whatever is happening around attend the case dicussion, grand rounds and all that stuff but u are not allowed to touch the patient . Exactly as the term literally implies. These r easier to get
Externship - U get the hands on experience . Allowed to touch the patients . More valued than externship but diff to get

Electives - U can apply for these while u are doing ur house surgeoncy . Has got good value . Actually easier to get but the problem is many are paid. I know of many people even doin those at harvard . Tere r definitelyy free electives available . But the ones like Hrvard which i mentioned need abt 2 lac per month but easier to get


thanks dreamer
i would like to know weather we can do electives after completin our internship
and wher can i get more info on electives


hello guys , Im too planing to go for mle dis yr..
Jus started with mle notes...
How much imp these electives and observerships r?
Mosta f the guys in my colg who got residency in state din do anything lik that..I mean is it really worth spendin so much bucks on that?


As far as i know electives can be done only while u r doing internship and never after completing it .
And regarding info on electives , u will have to do ur bit of homework. Go to the differnt medical school websites and there are links for application to electives tere itself . U have to keep applying to a large no of places and finally someone will definitely respond


hi ppl..am doin my internship..n i havnt dcided wether i wanna give aipge or mle...can any f u seniors help me..?wer do u ppl get materials 4 mle prep..?wer shud i start f i dcide 2 giv mle..?


hi everybody,have just passed mbbs and going 2 begin internship.can u plz throw some light as how 2 begin mle preps-where do we get the materials,which subject is best to begin with?

Aim Gujarat PG

hi i am Dr. sujal parikh, thinking for usmle......
i want some guidance...
i am doing my md psm, so i want to know wht r my scopes in usa after completing here.......
pls give me some guidance


hey ppl
till when must i plan to give my step1 if i want to apply next yr2010 sept

Aim USMLE Step 1

Hi , everybody
I decide to pass it this year.
What are the materials you suggest ?
Up to now , I read only anatomy , part of phisiology and chemistry of Kaplan(lectures note ) ?
Whats your idea about High yeild and DVDs of kaplan ?


hi everyone
i am doing my md from pgi .. how much time a day is needed to get good score in round 1. im planning to give in sep icon_sad.gif

Aim USMLE Step 1

hey fren i m dr.sulav,completed my mbbs 2 yrs back n now planning for usmle. m not started. Before starting, will my frens tell me does after MBBs gap of time make difference in getting( matching) residency in US after USMLE?
I think its better to get cleared before gearing up.


DEAR Lovearts,
Congratulations for starting this forum....

Dear Friends,
pls reply to my query....

CAN an INDIAN GRADUATE practice in INDIA after doing POSTGRADUATION from USA??

Does MCI allows him to practice SURGICAL branches?? or does it allows MEDICINAL BRANCHES and RESTIRCTS SURGICAL BRANCHES??

what is the current Recognition Status?? and what are the expected future trends in the upcoming 5 years???

You are requested to reply with authentic information...

Aim USMLE Step 1

hi everyone...im a mother of a lil baby n have been tryin to study bit by bit over the last 2 yrs coz of the baby keepin me busy..have completed kaplan notes once n started first aid..but realised i hardly remember anything...do u guys suggest just doing first aid n lots of questions or should i revise kaplan?plz reply soon as im plannin to apply finally!


Any one for online revision for Goljan Patho??? V can discuss and make our understandin perfect.

Aim USMLE Step 1

Hi everyone, I am new to usmle exam,I have just started preparation,but I have 7 year gap after graduation,finance was a problem ,
but for last 4year I worked overseas(it was four year contract),Now I have more than 50lacks in cash and acquired ATLS,ACLS,ITLS,PALS and I am in process to join kaplan in newjersy(center prep course costing 10-15 lacs ,including living expenditure),I am not sure about visa but f1 will be issued (if I get),Now I am preparing at home in India till I get kaplan visa also I want to discuss that what are the chance of getting residency AFTER 7 YEAR gap, I bought all kaplan DVD and books for step1,I am working persistently in emergency medicine since 7 years
Hoe to start USMLE preparation


hi guys...
i've just completed my MD in medicine frm india...
wanted to prepare for USMLE...
which coaching program should i join? iapen or chopra?
pls advice

Aim Canada

Hi everyone!
I have jus gone thr this forum as I m also planning for USMLE.Its a good source of knowledge in a friendly way.I have heard its Kaplan n first aid....As I graduated few years back,my clinical knowledge n skills sumwat better than basics.I need to know should I go for step 2 first or step 1?

I m from Pakistan.Its for wajahat s question.


plz tell me..is there any difference in kaplan lecture notes for 2006-07 and 2008-09. also plz say if there are any other things which i need to study for the usmle apart from the above and q books.
plz do reply.

Aim Canada

Hi wajahat

I m frm Pakistan.I ve planned for usmle but before starting everything I wanna know dat i have gone thru sum posts saying usmle is too long too tough n even after that no guarantee of residency.I m in UAE.as here theres no scope so I wanna plan sumthing even if its tough dat wd b more rewarding.as u told u r having cousins over there in usa n working too........if u have an idea,plzzz give me sum help.

wd really appreciate.



hey dears

i want ask about the score that guarantee me a residency ( the average those days )

im still hesitated aboiut taking the decision of taking usmle examz

Aim MRCP Part 1

hi everybody...
i m unable to find kaplan notes... plz tell me from where shud i get them...shud i buy notes for every subject...? n how much do they cost? plz reply... thanks

Aim DM Cardiology

hi there... my name is dr . samrat.. i am currently undergoing internship in maharashtra.... i have decided to opt for usmle.... guys lemme ask u a question.... is it so ki only the genius ones clear mle... m a kinda average guy.... i hav collected material for mle... but wat do u all suggest??? recently i had second thoughts abt mle... i need ur help......


hi drrina, if u are in search of dvd's i can tell you one sure source . just contact darshangupta2011 @ rediffmail.com. he gives the dvd's at good and reasonable price i had taken from him. kaplan notes i had mangaed from the local book seller from my home town... but dvd's its very difficult as i had done a lot of recee . i had cleard the step 1 bcoz of dvd's along with notes and let me tell you honestly that dvds help a lot ..go for it ; you wont regret at all.. all the best

Aim USMLE Step 1

Hi, a lot of sources might tell you that old graduates(> 2 years old) find it increasingly hard to find residencies with each passing year, but from what I have heard in the recent past is that some programs are ready to prefer old grads provided that they have some experience in their field. So you stand an excellent chance in emerg medicine since you have 7 years of experience in addition to all the courses you did in ACLS etc.

Kaplan's the ultimate source for almost everything related to MLE.

Chopra's associated with Kaplan's. Google kaplan chopras for further details. Since Kaplan's highly recommended, I suggest you go for Chopra's.

Hi, that decision rests completely on you. If you feel confident enough about step2 then sure go ahead. There is no rule that forces you to give step1 before 2. Any order is fine.

Try using the latest editions as far as possible.
You should try reading goljan's rapid review for pathology in addition to kaplan's.
Kaplan's should cover the rest adequately.

there is nothing like a definite score which will guarantee you a spot in residency. Competition's tougher nowadays and I can tell you with a great deal of confidence that it'll be very tough getting it if your scores are less than 90, unless you have other credentials like electives or observerships strengthening your cv

I suggest you post me a scrap or something as this forum doesn't allow you to give away info regarding buying/selling material.

Its hardwork and determination which will see you through. So don't give up and be focussed. I'm telling you this because I'm an average fellow myself. I havnt given any steps as yet and I kinda turned average ever since I joined mbbs. US has been the only beacon of hope that has kept me going. Cheers!!



Yes an a US post graduate can work in India. And its now totally legal according to the new MCI norms ( recognising PG specialities from 5 countries ).

Pays better too in corporate setup

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

Dear Sir
can you send me the materials for step 1

what are the books to read for it?

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

Dear Sir
can you send me the materials for step 1

what are the books to read for it?


Kaplan and First Aid are must for USMLE Step 1.


Hello every1!

I m Dr S from jalandhar.
planning to start preparing for mle.
but icon_sad.gif i dont hv any company here and also not much guidance from any1 since i dont know any1 who has cleared it and et all.
so i vl b grateful if u/any1 cud communicate wid me on varied issues reg mle..

Aim PLAB Part 1

can somebody please tell me from where is it that i can get the kaplan books for step 1? Cant seem to find that info anywhere

Aim Australia

Hello frndz
hiya i am planning for USMLE step 1 -- exam in may - july.. any suggestions or help please...... thank you ....


hi guys i passed mbbs 07 yrs back..coz of certain reasons had to do job,now want to do something meaningful,is there any hassle in matching residency for older students like me..he shud i progress,pl help..regards

Aim USMLE Step 1


please correct me if i am wrong but last when i heard, US post graduates were not recognised by MCI... though they were planning to give it a thought.

Aim DM Cardiology

hi anyone in delhi would like to study together ?i am targettin june end for step 1..i am very motivated icon_smile.gifi'l be stayin in patel nagar from 3rd march..there is a libray close by too..icon_smile.gif


anavrin_kaerf wrote:
hi anyone in delhi would like to study together ?i am targettin june end for step 1..i am very motivated icon_smile.gifi'l be stayin in patel nagar from 3rd march..there is a libray close by too..icon_smile.gif

hi me from ucms delhi
contact at d r a n o o p k r +g m a i l dot c o m




plzplz tell me from where can i get complete lecture n audio video material ... i m from not a big place so if possible then pls send URL..send me scrapor nythin pls


Hi...I did my PG in PSM. I graduated (MBBS) in 2003 and completed my PG in 2010. I wanted to take medicine but couldn`t get it through my state entrance or AIPGE exams. Now I want to prepare for internal medicine through USMLE. I am working as a Senior Resident in a medical college and have plenty of time to study. Can u guys guide me. I have a query... as i`m already 31 do i have any chance of getting internal medicine. Help Please.....Thanks

Aim AIPGE 2013

good collection of study material and goljan lectures in written at gurubyte.blogspot. will be updating with Kaplan notes

Aim Australia

hi very nice of you.
i was wondering how to prepare for USMLE?which books to read? is there any way to crack the exam?
is there any way to get a place for pg in surgery or internal medcine? and what is the score required to obtain that place?
where to apply to maximise chances?


hey guys,
i've graduated in 2008 now planning to take the usmle by end of the year. can anyone tell me approximately how much time to give each subject and which subjects are far more high yield than some others? also, should i stress more on qbanks during studies?
please let me know.

Aim USMLE Step 1

hi all...

I have graduated in 2008.recently decided to take usmle ..Im in new york..was planning on joining kaplan here but it turns out that they do not have a medical library here..so i dont see a point in taking a six month course..insted im looking for a three or preferably one month , and then im planning on teaming up with someone who is also planning on taking usmle step one this dec or next jan..so all of you experienced people out there please tell me if this is a good plan...Im open to sugestions and advices...need some actually..hope to hear from you soon...
Thank you...

Aim USMLE Step 1

yea ur correct mci doesnt recg. us residency

Aim CIP Ranchi

mci does recognise us uk aus and canada degrees..check th mohfw site..plz dont misguide others..!!


Mci is disslove .. Things changes

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