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Author: aujlaPostPosted:     Post subject:

nice work rxpg team

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RxPG :: View topic - How to scroll quickly in forums How to scroll quickly in forums

RxPG -> [Help/Newbie]

Author: RxPG_Team PostPosted:     Post subject: Help: How to scroll quickly in forums

Hi all,

We have recently made some mminor improvements in froums to make it even more user friendly.


Most of the posts are quite long and sometimes it can be quite taxing to use mouse or scroll button to scroll almost endlessly to read the whole post (it happens with us all the time). To help your tiring fingers we came with an innovative solution which can reduce most of your effort in scrolling. Now you see a new icon over every post and clicking it will make the page scroll automatically to fit that post on the top of screen. It might not 'sound' so exciting but try it to feel the difference. This will also make the browsing faster. See this picture for an illustration of the scroll icon.

click on picture to enlarge

Try this post to test the scrolling icon
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Another minor change is ability to email individual posts to yourself or friends by using the icon marked by red arrow in image below. The icon marked by green arrow is the shortcut to go quickly to the top of the page rather than scrolling your way up the page.

click on image to enlarge