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Author: Dr_BrunoPostPosted:     Post subject:

Copying the posts to the MS Word, Changing the font size, colour and layout will make you save ink in the long run

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RxPG :: View topic - How to view a single post in RxPG forums? How to view a single post in RxPG forums?

RxPG -> [Help/Newbie]

Author: RxPG_Team PostPosted:     Post subject: Help: How to view a single post in RxPG forums?

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cyrus_Y_rus wrote:
to rxpg :
recently i hav printed the hanna's post on common <a href="http://www.rxpgonline.com/tutorial/?q=skin&s=0">SKIN</a>
conditions ,,its was long n awesome ,,,,but the problem was ,,,not jus his post but all other posts were also displayed, which i didn wana get printed ,,,,,

now ,,,,is ther a way that i can get print of a single post n not all of the page ????

well ,,,, i had my own trouble shooters ,,,,,, i fed the pages to computer one by one ,,,,and stopped after the required extract was printed ,,,,thats one

but that works only if the post to b printed is the first one ,,,what if its in middle of page ????

for that ,,,,, i copied the post to my microsoft word ,,,n then got it printed ,,,,,

so ,,,plz tell me if their is any troubleshooter already available in rxpg ,,,,,if not ,,,plz ignore this ,coz ,,,,,,its not a serious problem .

thx .

We always listen to what RxPG users want and go that extra mile to create features for them. Following this valuable piece of feedback recently, we worked to provide a new feature wherein you can see a single post individually in any forum. You can utilise this new single post feature to forward individual posts to your friends, print them off, refer in forums as a single link or just to report the post to us! To know how to access this feature, please refer to the screenshot below.

update: to reduce clutter on the forum pages, we have linked the post numbers to the single post shortcut