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Author: anujPostPosted:     Post subject:

yaar these things r not to be replied just ignore icon_smile.gif y disturbing ur piece of mind for such stupidity

Author: naduPostPosted:     Post subject:

yaar anuj, due to that message i can't reply to my messages !

everytime i write a reply & try to post it, that message comes &

everything get disturbed, my reply does't reach to respective person !

is it a problem with me only or everyone who get this message ?

i don't care about that mess. if it only comes to me, but it is interfering

my private messanger !

rxteam, do something !

Author: GuestPostPosted:     Post subject:

yeah the same pblm with me too... i think this messenger is not reliable...its better we copy the message before we send it otherwise the whole messge gets deleted... atleast we can send it thru mail later on .. otherwise who will watse time in typing it again.....

Author: dinesh789PostPosted:     Post subject:


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Author: nadu PostPosted:     Post subject: Help: "I don't like you" - what is this error?

since yesterday i m receiving this bloody hell message again & again !

i complained to rxteam 3-4 times.

but everytime i give or responce to a message & try to send it,it fails & that uknown message comes.

Dear rxteam please do something !

i m unable to responce my private messages !