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RxPG :: View topic - Which book of Robbins' is the best..?  
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Which book of Robbins' is the best....?
Hi everyone,

I've purchased Robbins' Pathologic basis of disease.
Is it the big one or small one as I've read in the forums that Robbins' - Big is useful for PG entrances.

N how iz Robbins' Basic Pathology and Robbins' Principle of Diseases?

UNANSWERED: Am I too old(24) for mbbs?

Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

big robbins is only good for exam purpose n for 2 gain knowledge.

small robbins is a for ur university theory exams but mostly we use big book only


Dr. Parveen,
Thanx for your reply.
Ok, so you mean 2 say that big robbins is useful for basic concepts,
understanding and knowledge of the subject and even from the point
of view of PG entrance.

But let me know which book of robbins is the big one?

I've purchased Robbin's Pathologic basis of disease, 7th ed.
Is this book the big one ?
Or Robbin's Basic Pathology or Robbin's Principle of Diseases is the big one ?

Aim Maharashtra PG

the one which costs more.......simple!

Aim Punjab PG

father robbins

Aim USMLE Step 1

Robins pathologic basis of disease is the big one


even i had used the big robbins. no doubt the book is very good. it will clear your concepts very nicely. but the book is so big that you may not get time to finish it and forget about revision.

i personally belive that revision is the main part of study. people even pass pg exams by harsh mohan. continued revison is very necessary to remember the things. so in this view it is better to opt for small robins.

the matter given in it is also very good, and concised it has how much you need.

anyways the last choice is all upto you.

best of luck.

Aim USMLE Step 1

From what we found out, for sessionals and universities Small Hirchmon and Small Robins ended up getting distinction.
But Big Robbins is better then Medium Robins when it comes understanding.

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