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RxPG :: View topic - What is the best method for taking notes during lectures in MBBS?  
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Aim PLAB Part 1 - 2012 March 22

FAQ: What is the best method for taking notes during lecture
Hello........I'll begin my 2nd MBBS soon..........I just wanted to know which is the best method for note taking during lectures..........Should i use a copy book for each subject or loose paper and then file them...??????

If i type my notes after lectures on my pc !!!!! Is this feasible???? It will take me twice the time then !!!!!!!!

I would be nice if you could share your opinion and the technique you are using.......becoz i think that better note technique skills will help all students to work much better...........and achieve much higher grades........

Waiting for a positive answer soon.........

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Aim USMLE Step 1

Honestly from what I found out, its really based on the teacher. Some teachers the notes are invaluable and other teachers the notes are completely useless. Ask your seniors which teachers its worth taking notes for.

Then when you got some worth while teachers do it free sheet, that way you can add to it later. The notes you take if you organize properly and add on to it when you reffer other things youll have the best study book you can imagine for universities. An also a great refrence guide for the future.

As for typing them up on PC, even if you do you just don't always feel like reading it. An youll simply be wasting time, if your like me youll end up trying to add pictures and alot of other things and waste half your time on just one topic when you could have done so many more. Well these are just my experiences.

Aim Surgery

yeah i agree asking seniors wich teachers r worth really listening to is imp...
completely useless profs lecs r meant fr journal completion etc etc...

as 4 note making
one has to b v paricular fr handling loose sheets n filing them everyday...
maintaing note books s much easier....


note making
iam also in iimbbs i carry a micro recorder with me i record everything in class ,,i also listen the class apart recording evening i listen to record and add notes which i missed it helped me a lot

Aim Surgery

wich company?
but does t record voice cearly from a distance????
good idea actually..........

Aim USMLE Step 1

I divide a page into a left 3/5 and right 2/5 ...I take notes in class on the left side ..go home and read my notes and then the text and write extra points and any questions on the right .... It helps me....

Aim PLAB Part 1 - 2012 March 22

booma1987 wrote:
I divide a page into a left 3/5 and right 2/5 ...I take notes in class on the left side ..go home and read my notes and then the text and write extra points and any questions on the right .... It helps me....

Nice idea !!!!!!!


As for me, I suggest u can try the slash recall pattern of note taking. First u draw a line diagonally across a page and write the main topic of discussion on it. Then you can draw branches and keep adding information in a very brief manner. Feel free 2 use ur own abbreviations and signs. On the long run u will be able 2 formulate ur own method 2 do it conveniently.
This method is time saving and it helps to assimilate the information easily.


sorry for the late reply
i carry a small recorder of size of a pen driver
it is of sony company it records clearly
i sit in 2nd row


see...the best technique according to me is to read from the book whatever topi is taught that particular day..whether u take notes or nor is not so important... i had tha same dillema but what happened was i could not take all the notes properly in all the lectures..that way i missed important points while referring the notes.what u can do is to mark the points and write additional points in the text book itself and attach pages or whatever so that those points strike u while referring the textbook......i think thats the best way...........what say???do give in your suggestion too..


well i take down watever imp prof says in my note... then during xams i can jus refer to it if i hv no time 2 go thru heavy books...


Yes, I agree. In most of d colleges, d lecture topic is displayed a couple of weeks before. If u r interested, study the text. And when u come to the class, u'll know whats not in the book and u can take down only dat. Another advantage of this is that d lecture will also be a revision for u.

Aim USMLE Step 1

note-making from textbooks like robbins is hghly valuable..........in a notebook u don't have to write evrything frm the book,i think u shuld read a topic ansummarise it in ur own easy & lucid words.....this makes note-making highly enjoyable.........same goes for in lecs,don't write everything tthat is projected,just write what u hear every now & then in ur own words

Aim General

good point


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Aim AIPGE 2014

@booma1987..really brilliant idea..never thought of that..thanx..


Drawing Mind Maps/ Tree Diagrams during lectures allows you to stay focussed from the beginning.. You can get a very clear idea of the topic and even make the most boring of lectures interesting since your mind thoroughly visualises and analyses each and every concept that is being taught.


Keep a notebook for every subject..loose sheets tend to get lost...divide d buk into sections...lik in micro u can hv bacteriology n parasitology sections..
Use pens of different color to highlight important points....leave a margin where you can add additional points later...if u plan to skip d textbuk n read only ur notes for exam make sure u mark the imp questions and write notes just lik u wud answer a question in exam...
Another method is to take ur textbuk to class ...highlight imp points and add extra points...so u dont hv to search for ur notes d day bfor exam..
Hope this helps icon_smile.gif

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