What is National Insurance Number in UK?
Date: Thursday, April 21 @ 19:02:11 IST
Topic: PLAB Jobs

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All those working in the UK must pay National Insurance contributions. This
helps to pay for the NHS and social security benefits. So that your contributions
can be credited to you, you must apply for a National Insurance number.

To get a National Insurance number, you must go in person to any
Contributions Agency (formerly called Department of Social Security, or DSS)
office and complete a form. You can find addresses in the telephone directory or
ask your personnel/medical staffing officer. Most of these offices are open 09.00
15.30, but you may wish to check by telephone first. It is not possible to make an
appointment, so you have to allow time to queue. It is recommended that you
obtain a letter confirming your employment from your local personnel
Your permanent number will be sent to you directly after a few months but, in
the meantime, your personnel department will use a temporary number based
on your date of birth. As soon as you receive your permanent number, tell your
personnel officer.

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