Applying to the Foundation Programme
Date: Monday, July 25 @ 17:15:01 IST
Topic: PLAB Jobs

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How do I get into the Foundation Programme?

All the positions for the Foundation Programme beginning in August 2005 and February 2006 have been filled. To apply to the Foundation Programme for August 2006, check the medical press in October for an advertisement inviting candidates to apply to their first choice 'Unit of Application' (UoA). This UoA will usually be a postgraduate deanery, or a foundation school within the deanery.

Will anyone be able to apply to any school across the country?

Yes, but all applicants will be required to have a letter of support from their own university/medical school (within or outside the UK) in compliance with GMC requirements. This letter will need to confirm that the applicant is considered "fit to practice" according to GMC standards and will also confirm that this is the only Deanery/Foundation School to which an application is being sent.

Will I be able to undertake the two-year Foundation Programme if I am applying from overseas?

There will be opportunities for doctors without UK primary, specialist or general practice training and experience to enter foundation training at appropriate points according to their qualifications, training and experience. This may be at the beginning of the first year (for those who have not reached the level required for limited registration) or second year. Entry will be through a fair and open competitive application process.

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