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*Cat eye syndrome-partial Trisomy (22pter-22q11) Ref-Nelson 18th table 422-2.
*Cat allergy-Fel d 1 is the major cat allergen,which can cause allergic manifestation in humans.Ref-Nelson 17th page752
*Cat bite-Most common organism isolated "Pasteurella multocida''. Ref-Harrison 16th 743.
*Cat reflex-It is the other name of symmetric neck reflex.

*Cat cry syndrome- Cri-du-chat syndrome ,occurs due to deletion of 5p chromosome Ref-Nelson 17th page 387.
*Cat scratch disease- It manifests by painful regional lymphadenopathy persisting for several weeks or months after a cat scratch.causative organism is Bartonella henselae.
*Cat flea typhus-Caused by Rickettsia felis,vector is etenocephalides felis,incubation period 8-16 days and duration of illness 8-16 days Ref -Harrison 16th edition page 999

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