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59 shouts of naeamz  Date   Time     
   plz 03-28-2010 5:17:pm    
   tell me books for plab 1 03-28-2010 5:00:pm    
   hi every one 03-28-2010 4:59:pm    
   lemme rephrase.. was pearl here 15 min before??? i wanna talk to her for a moment 04-11-2006 4:01:am    
   hi all was pearl here 10 min before 04-11-2006 3:54:am    
   hi all was pearl here 10 min before 04-11-2006 3:54:am    
   wssup...kon banay ga karore pati...?i'll give that person a special gift.. 02-20-2006 12:00:am    
   looks busy today 02-03-2006 4:35:am    
   ello evi one 02-03-2006 4:27:am    
   jis kay padnay saray ppr lagtay hain aasan// soch raha hoon kis say poocho aisi book ka naam...lol 01-19-2006 2:27:pm    
   ellooo evi bodi 01-19-2006 1:34:pm    
    01-16-2006 3:01:pm    
   elloooo evi bodi 01-16-2006 2:55:pm    
   me rock 01-15-2006 5:12:am    
   hi too..main nay to aaatay hi aadab kaha tha...ashb 01-15-2006 4:57:am    
   hahahah... just kiddin..i was tryin to make u proud 01-15-2006 4:53:am    
   mujhay bada maan tha tum par..dnt break it 01-15-2006 4:47:am    
   plz do smething.. mera maan toot jae ga 01-15-2006 4:47:am    
   whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? whenever i make a visit to a forum ..only u r the person answering the ques.. but u r saying no..??? o my god what should i do now 01-15-2006 4:44:am    
   whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? whenever i make a visit to a forum ..only u r the person answering the ques.. but u r saying no..??? o my god what should i do now 01-15-2006 4:44:am    
   i did search the who site but sould not find it/ hope u'll help? 01-15-2006 4:38:am    
   world health organization's schemes for eradication of diseases...like d.o.t.s. in pakistan was very active by w.h.o. in 2002-3.. schemes like that in saarc countries ? thats what they are asking here in viva... actually viva are going on here/thats y i was asking 01-15-2006 4:35:am    
   will u plz send it to me in a pvt msg.. it s hot around here in viva... 01-15-2006 4:28:am    
   nic ..hi i want to ask u a question..>> what are the who schemes for the year 2005 and 06( schemes regarding diseases) 01-15-2006 4:24:am    
   aadab 01-15-2006 2:44:am    
   lagta hay sab chalay gaye 01-12-2006 2:36:am    
   aray vaneet bhai.. hum nay kya kia eid kay din...chalain aisa hi hay to hum hi chalay jatay hain..bye dosto ..yad rakhao gay tum kia hamain...bye 01-12-2006 2:26:am    
   kia larai khatam karwany kay leay meri zaroorat to nahee paray gi na 01-12-2006 2:10:am    
   ok thanx all..yar feats did u listen to soundtrack of killbill vol 1 ..savayyan choti eid par hoti hain ..any way lol..nae bholoo ga 01-12-2006 1:56:am    
   ok thanx all..yar feats did u listen to soundtrack of killbill vol 1 01-12-2006 1:55:am    
   rok laiti hay muhabbat aap ki..thnx ashb u too.. and now this is last msg... aap sab ka bahut bahut shukria...warna aaj kal k zamanay main kon kisi say haal poochtha hay...now byez 01-12-2006 1:52:am    
   oh feats thanks yar.. i love ya realy:)... don't think that im a gay...hahahaah 01-12-2006 1:50:am    
   ok jeenab sab ko allah hafiz ..namaskar .. bye ...shalom ..what so ever me rockin the bed now 01-12-2006 1:49:am    
   u r wlcme ..and thanx ..waisay main nay thread main bhi read kia tha..any way thanx again all ppl... 01-12-2006 1:47:am    
   yar feats bryan adams say yad aaya ..any one for music and mivies here 01-12-2006 1:46:am    
   thnx vaneet ..but main jab tak lahore main hoon...hazir ho jaoon ga...but when in hostel ,,can't say anything..aaj kal to eid ki vacs hain!!! 01-12-2006 1:44:am    
   yar yeh emoticon kaisay send kartay hain shouts main..any one tell me 01-12-2006 1:41:am    
   jahan roz raat ko normally 5-10 bar light tripp karti ho..basant kay pass to phir khud hi andaza karo.. yar koi lahori hay to batai k basant 8 feb ko hi hay na...? 01-12-2006 1:37:am    
   ok ppl lagta hay dc honay ka waqt aa gia... waisay bhi lahore main basant k kareeb patang bazi kuch ziada hi ho jati hay... 01-12-2006 1:35:am    
   should i tell ya what does it mean here...waisay common sense ki baat hay!! hahahah.. 01-12-2006 1:32:am    
   oh thanx sravya...and feats i really smiled to read ur thingi about balance 01-12-2006 1:30:am    
   feats aap rxpgan learn karnay aaye ho ya shaeri karnay!!! heheheh mind na karna yar 01-12-2006 1:27:am    
   yes it is me!!! kia pasand nae aaye meri picture,.. agar nae to change ar daita hoon 01-12-2006 1:23:am    
   woh jo mehfil main paray baithay hain...woh jo un say bhi paray baithay hain//// woh samjahy baithay hain k hum un pay maray baithay hain// aray!!! hum to un pay maray baithay hain jo un say bhi paray biathay hain 01-12-2006 1:21:am    
   lagta hay aaj aap sab ko pata chal jana chaehye keh naeamz ki shaeri kaisi hay... chalian ab ush ush karnay kay liay tayyar ho jaen 01-12-2006 1:14:am    
   ashb wah wah..mehfil loot li aap nay to...wah wah...ghalib ko bhi paray kar dia aaj:-p 01-12-2006 1:11:am    
   judaeyan to muqaddar hain magar aye jaan-e-safar...chalo kuch door sath chal k daikhtay hain// na tujh ko maat hooe na mujh ko...chal ab apni chalain badal k daikhtay hain/// 01-12-2006 1:04:am    
   mukarrar wah kia irshad farmaya aap nay..feats...aik hum bhi arz karain 01-12-2006 1:00:am    
   hi dears..online i'm now 01-11-2006 10:23:pm    
   hey ppl 01-11-2006 5:18:pm    
   thanks kalika 01-11-2006 10:21:am    
   eg: type this n shout 01-11-2006 10:21:am    
   dont break ur computer.. the damn network is to be blamed 01-11-2006 10:16:am    
   how u ppl make these emotiz in the shouts.. 01-11-2006 7:29:am    
   i thought shouts did not work 01-09-2006 10:36:pm    
   does it really work .. let me see it if it does 01-09-2006 10:24:pm    
   oh it works :) 01-09-2006 9:15:am    
   oh it works :) 01-09-2006 9:14:am    
   o i dont know how to shout.. but i'm giving this thing a try ..may be it works 01-09-2006 9:11:am    
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