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100 shouts of ryma890  Date   Time     
    05-29-2009 11:06:pm    
   wish all rxpgians a gr8 new year 2009 01-01-2009 1:18:pm    
   good morning 12-28-2008 6:02:am    
   wish a merry chrstmas to all 12-25-2008 3:16:pm    
   happy deepawali to all rxpgians 10-28-2008 2:58:pm    
   good morning friends 06-14-2008 8:30:am    
   hello friends 06-12-2008 10:31:pm    
   good morning friends 02-15-2008 9:58:am    
   last day of enjoyment, as tomorrow aipge result is gonna be out, 02-14-2008 9:32:am    
   a very happy v'day to all friends and rxpg-- 02-14-2008 1:27:am    
    02-14-2008 1:26:am    
   a very happy valentines day to all, 02-14-2008 1:15:am    
   good night 02-14-2008 1:12:am    
   good evening friends 02-13-2008 4:43:pm    
   good night 02-13-2008 1:20:am    
   good night 02-13-2008 1:19:am    
   good morning 02-12-2008 9:34:am    
   take care friends, bye.......... 02-09-2008 2:38:pm    
   good morning friends, 02-08-2008 10:03:am    
   will join here in afternoon, bye till then 02-07-2008 1:12:pm    
   good morning 02-07-2008 10:09:am    
   ya i m back to indore earlyriser, i mhaving fever, eyes burning, cant sustain now, gonna sleep, good night friends, 02-06-2008 10:30:pm    
   good evening rxpg 02-06-2008 4:47:pm    
   will join at 5 pm, if server doesnt create any probs, 02-06-2008 3:13:pm    
   good morning rxpg 02-06-2008 9:12:am    
   sorry wrong shout, good night friends, 02-06-2008 12:31:am    
   good night friends 02-06-2008 12:30:am    
   good morning rxpg :berger: 02-05-2008 9:34:am    
   good night friends 02-05-2008 12:19:am    
   thanks pearllysun 01-29-2008 7:45:pm    
   thx pearllysun, i hv joined rxpg community 01-28-2008 6:19:pm    
   i want to join rxpg community at orkut, how to join it? plz somebody tell me. 01-28-2008 5:32:pm    
   good evening rxpg 01-24-2008 5:33:pm    
   good morning rxpg, after a very long break, finally i am able to open it 01-22-2008 9:11:am    
   rxpg is too slow, plz do something, rxpg team 01-16-2008 2:01:pm    
   rxpg is really very slow nowadays, i am unable to open it most of d times( 01-15-2008 9:04:pm    
   hello friends 01-14-2008 8:09:pm    
   good evening friends, best of luck to all 01-11-2008 5:12:pm    
   good morning friends, wish u all best of luck for aipge 01-11-2008 9:56:am    
   i am having a very bad hdache, now goodnight friends. 01-10-2008 11:02:pm    
   ok friends will join u after a break. :berger: 01-10-2008 7:20:pm    
   good evening friends 01-10-2008 5:43:pm    
   good morning friends 01-10-2008 9:52:am    
   good night friends 01-09-2008 10:07:pm    
   good evening friends, i cdnt cont contact any of u due to site jamm 01-09-2008 9:57:pm    
   thank u siyaa. 01-09-2008 10:37:am    
   thank u harshadbhai, for ur best wishes, good morning friends, 01-09-2008 9:07:am    
   good night friends 01-09-2008 12:08:am    
   sab khan bhaag gaye? 01-08-2008 10:08:pm    
   ha: study nicely? if i study even 10% i will call it a utilized day. thank u 4 answering my querry plz check i hv sent one more. 01-08-2008 8:14:pm    
   hi doordie we missed u soooooo much, here is a for u, welcome 01-08-2008 7:38:pm    
   deepesh do take care with chai, and doordie we all r missing u. 01-08-2008 4:49:pm    
   good evening friends 01-08-2008 4:26:pm    
   ok friends i am taking a nap. 01-08-2008 1:46:pm    
   it is nice to see artery n deepesh back. 01-08-2008 10:46:am    
   for deepesh-- get well soon 01-08-2008 9:20:am    
   for artery-- get well soon. 01-08-2008 9:20:am    
   good morning friends 01-08-2008 9:01:am    
   ok friends good night 01-07-2008 10:25:pm    
   hey friends once again i am having a bout of fever and bodyache, artery u take care, ye sab kya ho raha hai? 01-07-2008 9:48:pm    
   any body wanna hv dinner? 01-07-2008 9:17:pm    
   tum sab log apni tabiyat ka dhyan rakho, main aur deepesh to beemaar pade hi hain, plz tum log beemaar mat padna. 01-07-2008 7:10:pm    
   god plz deepesh ko jaldi theek kar dena, deepesh u take good care of urself. 01-07-2008 7:08:pm    
   i also hv d same prb 01-07-2008 5:16:pm    
   good evening friends, congrates deepesh for finishing nov 04 in just 40 min, baap re, ud rahe ho kya? any body wanna hv tea? 01-07-2008 4:56:pm    
   friends will meet u after a nap, 01-07-2008 3:15:pm    
   sharm ki koi baat nahi hai, doordie is wrong here, u hv 50% partnership in shout box so every msg here blongs to u. hai na? 01-07-2008 12:24:pm    
   good morning friends 01-07-2008 9:52:am    
   good night friends 01-07-2008 12:53:am    
   shubra tumko pehele hi mask pahan kar pc ke saamane baithana tha na. 01-07-2008 12:00:am    
   doordie tum kahan ho? 01-06-2008 10:41:pm    
   doordie tum kahan ho? 01-06-2008 10:41:pm    
   deepesh, good going, congrates for finishing ur notes. 01-06-2008 9:03:pm    
   hello good evening friends, thanks doordie and deepesh for ur kind remembrance, of me. 01-06-2008 7:52:pm    
   check ur scrapebook doordie. 01-06-2008 1:20:pm    
   thank u nandini and shubhra. good morning friends. las night was very uncomfortable, i had all d shivering bodyache and all. 01-06-2008 11:13:am    
   thanks doordie. good night. 01-05-2008 11:46:pm    
   pearllysun, heavenly and artery it is so sweet of u friends. i am having severe bodyache, full blown viral, cant even sit for long period, so now i am sleeping friends, cant study now. thanks 4 ur kindness towards me. good night 01-05-2008 11:22:pm    
   thank u seashore. 01-05-2008 9:09:pm    
   friends i am having fever and malaise, prb caught viral, so good night friends. tum log apni health ka khayaal rakhana. ( 01-05-2008 7:16:pm    
   good afternoon friends, it is almost evening now, , , i got gas cylinder 01-05-2008 4:14:pm    
   good day friends, i am having break 4 a nap. 01-05-2008 12:47:pm    
   if ur 1 page is equal of 1 page of roams then give 10 points 4 it. my register's 2 pages r equal to 1 page of roams so i am giving 5 points per page. good morning friends. 01-05-2008 9:45:am    
   ok friends good night, will open pc b4 sleeping. 01-04-2008 10:39:pm    
   ya baabi i agree with doordie, ok sleeping beauty, so we will meet tomorrow han? and artery, hilane ke liye ek dori taiyyar rakhna, main kheenchti rahoongi, i hope u understood what i mean? our code language... ha ha 01-04-2008 10:10:pm    
    are yaar main to bore ho gayi hoon mcqs karate -2. 01-04-2008 9:38:pm    
   friends aaj apan sab log der raat tak padhate hain na, chalo friends aaj night study ki jaaye, kya kahate ho, at least 1 baje tak to padh hi lein nahi? 01-04-2008 9:36:pm    
   friends ye dozing beauty gang me main bhi aa gayi hoon shaayad, aaj bahut sleepy-2 feel kar rahi hoon. 01-04-2008 6:41:pm    
   friends ye dozing beauty gang me main bhi aa gayi hoon shaayad, aaj bahut sleepy-2 feel kar rahi hoon. 01-04-2008 6:40:pm    
   chalo deepesh, we expect at least 100 mcqs per hr from u. 01-04-2008 5:06:pm    
   achha, aa gaye tum, bade khatarnak moode me lag rahe ho. 01-04-2008 4:47:pm    
   main to uth gayi hoon dori par apana deepesh pata nahi kahan gaayab ho gaya hai. gumshuda hai gumshuda, deepesh hai gumshuda 01-04-2008 4:46:pm    
   good afternoon friends 01-04-2008 3:46:pm    
   doodle, ladies ka bmr gents ki tulana me kam hota hai aur isiliye unhe thand zyaada lagati hai. ok will join u friends after a break. 01-04-2008 2:18:pm    
   goodmorning friends, hey pearlyson thats a gr8 mews, congrates rxpg :congrates: 01-04-2008 10:05:am    
   good night 01-03-2008 11:14:pm    
   good night 01-03-2008 11:14:pm    
   are yaar ek hi post 3 bar ho gayi. 01-03-2008 9:28:pm    
   good evening friends i had a deliciou cup of mochaberg coffee 01-03-2008 4:57:pm    
   good evening friends i had a deliciou cup of mochaberg coffee 01-03-2008 4:56:pm    
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