Books to read for MRCGP Examination
Date: Thursday, September 16 @ 13:52:03 IST
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The following is the book list for the preparation of MRCGP Examination. This list is based on the recommendations of the RxPG members who have passed their MRCGP exam.

Must Have Books

  • MRCGP: Practice Papers by Peter Ellis
    This book contains five practice papers, each of 180 questions, featuring a mixture of extended matching, single best answer, multiple best answer and summary completion questions. All practice papers have full answers and teaching notes. Advice on successful examination technique is included.

  • Practice Papers for the MRCGP Written Paper 1 by Robert Daniels, G. Neumegen, P. Acheson
    The book will contain 6 Practice Papers, each consisting of 12 questions for the Written Paper (Paper 1 Exam). The Written Paper exam currently comprises of 12 questions, featuring MEQ, Current Awareness and Critical Appraisal type questions to be answered in 3.5 hours. All question formats are present in the practice papers and will include the reproduction of journal articles relating to certain questions. Each question will be accompanied by a set of suggested answers.

  • Hot Topics for MRCGP and General Practitioners by Louise Newson, Ash Patel
    This text contains 18 chapters of core information on "hot topics" in clinical and non-clinical subjects. Each chapter contains key facts in note form, summaries of papers and useful website addresses. The book should prove to be a useful resource for anyone revising for the MRCGP examination or for GPs wanting to keep up to date on hot issues without wading through every paper published. The chapters in this second edition have all been revised and new material includes an update on antibiotics and an expansion of material on "The Consultation".

Semi Essential Books

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