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AIPGE Tips & Tricks

How I got a Rank in AIPGE
by anweshi - 68633 reads, based on 442 votes
Many of us here wonder how the rankers get those ranks..most of us want to hear their methods so that we too can follow. And most of the rankers are unanimous on what got them the rank....the books, the hours of study, group discussions, mock tests..... I present here a different perspective...my own expreience... More

Some Practical Fundas in Choosing a Branch for Specialization
by fortune - 18978 reads, based on 111 votes
Here are few valuable suggestions on what to choose in AIPGE counseling. Pediatrics - Early income but constant. Gynaecology - YOUR WIFE MUST BE be gyne , otherwise no GOOD earning. Orthopaedics - Need setup, exponential increasing income.... More

What is the Ideal number of questions to attempt in a PG entrance exams?
by Bruno - 12925 reads, based on 57 votes
One of the most often asked queries regarding any PG Entrance Exam is “How much to attempt” in this exam. There are two types of Entrance Exams. In the first type, you don’t have negative marks and in the second type you have negative marks for wrong answers. There should not be any dilemma as to the number of questions you have to attempt in a paper that has no negative marks for wrong answer. You have to attempt ALL the questions. It is so simple! The question actually arises in exams where there is negative marks. First of all, I would like to tell you that there is no single answer that can be told for this seemingly innocuous question. The number varies depending on the nature... More

What should be your Strategy in taking AIIMS and AIPGE Exams?
by RxPG Team - 15788 reads, based on 64 votes
Please read these instructions carefully and devise your own personalised strategy/based on it. This strategy has been thoroughly researched and is found to be very effective for AIIMS and AIPGE exams. These instructions are published in every AIIMS, AIPGE series book by RxPG.   Steps of attempting the exam 1. Read all instructions 2. Rapidly browse through the paper, going through all the sheets in one minute. It helps you to: a) Get a feel of the paper and therefore help you concentrate afterwards.b) Checkout any missing pages and misprints in the paper 3. Take a deep breath and concentrate.TIP: If you have any problems in concentration because of anxiety, close your eyes and count b... More

How to deal with a stressful exam situation?
by Nuke - 8054 reads, based on 20 votes
Here are few tips which I gathered as "during the exam dictums", when I was giving my exams. If you are completely unsure of a question, draw a box around the question in your exam booklet. This strategy makes it easy for you to return to the questions after you've completed the rest of the exam. Don't get hung up on one question! No one knows everything. Assess the question to the best of your abilities, choose your best "guess," and move on. Show the examiners that you can jump any hurdle and still successfully complete the exam. The exam is just a piece of paper you write your answers on with a pencil. It cannot jump off the table and question you in person. You are in control ... More

What ?, How ?, What not to do during the last week Before the exam
by Bruno - 8763 reads, based on 17 votes
The following is a checklist of things to be done in the last week before AIPGE Exam. Decide where you are going to stay. Get those facts right now before one week. Check whether you have got your hall ticket. If not communicate to the concerned authorities. Read the details given in the hall ticket and the prospectus ONCE AGAIN Does the exam need Pen or Pencil. Get 2 (or 3) pens ready. If the exam needs pencil, get 2 pencils, an eraser (which does not leave mark on the paper – check it now – not on the answer sheet) and a sharpener Pack these and the hall ticket and anything you may need and (if you have a special dress for exams, as most people have - pack that too) now ... More

Subject Wise comparison of the Number of MCQs in PG Exams
by RxPG - 20809 reads, based on 54 votes
To prepare for a PG entrance test in India is a tough job wherein you are always running short of time. To be efficient in your preparation, one should be highly focussed and should know where to focus and what subject to read in detail. Every entrance exam has its own characteristics and thus every excam needs a special mode of preparation. Although the basics of preparation for any PG exam remains the same, one should be aware of the few things, like which subjects are more frequently asked in which exam. Click on the read more link below to see such a comparative subject wise analysis of the three main PG entrance exams in India that is AIPGE, AIIMS and PGIMER. ... More

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