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RxPG :: View topic - How to plan your studies in I MBBS?  
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Aim AIPGE 2014

FAQ: How to plan your studies in I MBBS?
im doin my 1st mbbs i just finished my terms practs were gud but the theory was ok physio im findin reading guyton a bit difficult somehow the environment and hostel being new im findin less time 2 study so as 2 cope wid the speed they r teachin at the col im gettin scared can anyone plz guide me how i should plan my studies how much i need 2 study daily n how i should write my paper

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First of all let me tell u that u need to relax and remind yourself that u r in full control. Donot get bogged down by the disturbing environement of hostel. I myself couldn`t find time initially. U can go to bed early and study in the morning when everything is calm and peaceful. U can try to study late by staying back in the library. I donot think it is possible to study in the hostel in the companny of friends. u have to find time for ur self. Remember that u r still a fresher and not expected to understand and remember everything u r taught. It is o.k. if u understand a little. But make sure that u either read a topic being taught in advance or after it is being taught. Take help from u r seniors. Guyton need time and patience . Make it a habit of taking notes also discuss among your friends.Try to make friendship with pepole who are willing to learn like u.


At the out set be relaxed. By this time you must have made friends matchinh your vibs.disucss with your friends about subjects. Anat is best remembered by discussion across the dissection table.Same is true with other subjects.You can not remember everything given in the book.If you were to , then you could have written another book.What is expeceted of you is to remember minimum 50% of what is given. Practice diagrams in your lesure time.Plan your day and time. You will come out with flying colours. icon_lol.gif

Aim General

yes diagram are valuable


1st yr advice
Guyton is vast and slows u down...u can try ganong which is more precise...check it out in da library and if u like it buy urself a copy..it is a std book...
but the advantage with guyton is dat u tend to understand the concept better..maybe because u hav to spend more time with it..

u need not get scared thinking how u r going to remember all these things for life...coz when u go to clinics u will get oriented better as to y u read this and what its relevance is....dat way u get a better grasp of things...so its always gud to have an idea of the applied physiology aspect coz when u correlate and study u tend to remember better..

u cud also get hold of prev. university qn papers.. so dat u get an idea of the important qns..after all passing da xams is sumthing different...exam oriented studies r very important esp. for theory papers...practical and applied aspects can give u confidence for the practical xams and the viva

regarding studying in da hostel..there are 3 options
1.self study- this is just wat u were doing most probably till u entered med.coll...continue with it if u doing fine...but the different atmosphere and temptations around u can hamper studies...if u r sure that self study is the only thing that will work for u change ur study time or go to the library.if u r not sure abt it then u can check out the nxt 2 methods.
2. study partner-for sum studying and discussing with sum1 having similar wavelength works out well...the advtge is dat u get points which u may have missed in class..and also u dont get bored when u r discussing with sum1...disadvtge is make sure u r discussing academics coz often discussion go haywire.
3. group study- this cud be roommates, friends gang, etc..the adtge is u hav ppl with diff wavelengths..so there will be 1 who is very much interested in anat..while another more interstd in physiol..discussing amongst them u get better ideas of different subs...

u cud always try a combined approach wherein ur friends can decide on a common time for gp discussions..for eg. u ppl can hav self study till then and 1 hr gp discussion of the topics each of u went thru...this way u cover more in less time...

all da best..............

Aim AIPGE 2014

thanks a lot all of u it feels gr8 2 know that there r people 2 help me out i hve planned my studies out im tryin 2 cover most of my studies as they r taught in col though its always not possible they hve already finished studin most of abdomen but its interestin 2 study
physio, god they hve started studin cns ascendin n descendin tracts n what not some lectures just went over my head im thinkin of referin chatterji now is it good or should i refer some other book
biochem they hve started metabolisms im not findin it that difficult though
v vil be havin our prelims in april and i stiil hve 2 study many previous topics the whole day goes in studin what is taught in class i dont know how im goin 2 find time for studin before terms topics i scored 68% in my terms i dont know whether they r good but surely my studies were not up2 the mark just because i rocked my brains and studied those questions i think would come and my luk it did [also 50% bcoz i was attentive n regular in class] that i could get through but now
i really want 2 study regularly just 1 thought troubles me how am i goin 2 studi my pendin topics? any suggetions?

Aim Canada

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Aim General

first of all think that you are going to be a great doctor. applied anatomy is very very important this may not benefit you now but htis will help you in coming in years. do not take the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry as subjects. think that all this is in your body and you want to know about yourself. try to understand each and every thing. I think do multiple choice questions. use online study materials. try to devote your time as much as possible. do discuss with it your friends. rest you know better about you.

Aim MS Othopaedics

you have nt given enough insight into what your studying pattern is?

some people use the 3 reads concept ... it goes like this...

first time read thru a topic quickly say @ 10-12 pgs / hr...after u finish reading it once ... take a break and try thinking over what u just read... there wil be some areas in the topic u feel u hav understood confidently .. some wil be grey and some completely going over the head

next time go thru the areas which u felt were completely dark....and then grey

say after 3 or 4 days re-read the topic just like u did the first time...

Aim MS Othopaedics

u say u cant spend enough time in the hostel with yr books...that is quite an easy prob 2 sort out....
if u feel more comf with late nights then come back from class and slp..
get up have dinner ... and while other friends are busy wasting time do some line diagrams n practice...
atleast wid biochem seeing the cycles and reactions often wil help..
by say 1030 - 11 ppl wil start 2 go off 2 slp... then start studying .... u can go til say 4 - 430 - 5 ...
otherwise stay up in the lib in the evening ... study.. come back hav dinnr n slp... get up at say 2 am n start studying ....

as exams approach most ppl wil get 2 books... so u neednt worry too much about it...


good understanding in physio is necessary,for many topics during MBBS.
physiology choudhury text book is good book ,fr udestandig basics in simple way. help,to answer pg,usmle.

Aim AIPGE 2014

whatever u read,understand and then continue


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