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Help: Why I Shouldn't Be Posting In All Capitals!
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Thread Author   RxPG_Team
Forum   [Help/Newbie]
Started   14 years ago
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  Post #1   RxPG_Team  we get users posting (especially newbies) in all capital cas...  226 words   24/01/2007 at 01:17 
  Post #2   borntowin  thanks rxpg team, i had some idea abt it already but my know...  21 words   24/01/2007 at 02:17 
  Post #3   BGM  netiquette prohibits the use of all caps as a form of shouti...  29 words   25/01/2007 at 21:34 
  Post #4   suhasani  thanks team for the reminder not tat i ever made tat mistake...  32 words   25/01/2007 at 23:34 
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