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Threads by govindbajaj  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   NEETSS   Neet ss resigning after second round  3 160 yashvaidya 
   COMEDK   COMED - Fair or Not? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 17 2514 ran_b 
   NEETSS   NEET SS Ssupreme court case centralised counselling &common paper  5 422 govindbajaj 
   MCH   NEET SS Supreme court case centralised counselling &common paper  1 62 govindbajaj 
   MCH   During or after joining dnb ss can we apply for mch /dm  1 30 snake123 
   MCH   Bhu mch/dm form query  0 60  
   Medical MCQs   Does cryptorchidism always present with epispadsis?  2 391 dheerendrapatel 
   Urology Career   Mch urology + gen surgery prepartion group. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 27 2578 veerakmc25pg 
   Surgery Career   Mch maharashtra preparation group  6 317 monikaa 
   PrePG   Different method of study /how to increase memory /share  1 133 4321 
   Surgery Career   Dnb surgery superspecialty preparation..help,suggestion,doubts,solution  1 419 Mexiletine 
   Surgery Career   Mch preparation..help,doubts,suggestion,advice.,solution.  4 804 govindbajaj 
   PGIMER   Radiology .pg exam wich book to read  1 299 toughguy37 
   Medical MCQs   Aiims q spm: national health policy traget 2005  1 237 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Pgi gynae q: laproscopy in diagnosis of fibroid  1 224 brr872002 
   Medical MCQs   Surgery aiims: hypoteion in gas gangrene treatment  1 234 yuna 
   Medical MCQs   Medicine---aiims q  1 214 brr872002 
   Medical MCQs   Patho aiimsq: bone marrow biopsy is diagnostic in  1 119 brr872002 
   Medical MCQs   Is there any classification of cognitive disorder?  1 177 brr872002 
   Medical MCQs   What is true about pseudomyxoma peritonei?  1 226 brr872002 
   Medical MCQs   Sugery pgi  1 143 toughguy37 
   Medical MCQs   Gynae pgi  1 160 toughguy37 
   Medical MCQs   Commonest cause of pyometra is?  1 392 doctorashish 
   Medical MCQs   Placental site trophobalstic tumour secretes serum hcg or urine hcg?  1 150 bhishma 
   APPG   Andhra students in aipg ?  4 2142 asdf_hjkl 
   Surgery Career   Mch in pvt college what is donation rate  4 1147 xenixmacos 
   COMEDK   5 hit list blokers incomed from aipge list ? wat to do now to these Go directly to Last Post in the thread 12 1034 suvz 
   IAS   Ias vs medical pg wich is tough?  4 4900 kanky 
   Techbeat   Help regarding net connection and bill??tellmost cheapest and best plan Go directly to Last Post in the thread 19 2086 rahulbuddy 
   CMC Ludhiana   How to prepare for cmc  2 607 jaldoc 
   KCET   These r blockers or they will surrender saet/?attention Go directly to Last Post in the thread 27 1991 manojka 
   PrePG   Latest on reseravtion on tv channel  0 110  
   KCET   9 hit list blokers not surrendered seat yet?few days left what ualldo on22nd  0 222  
   PrePG   Share disscusion skill for pg preparation= how u do/ effect on ur performance  1 71 govindbajaj 
   KCET   Blocking is risky collge can charge whole fee from blockers bloker also at stake Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 281 cooolguy 
   KCET   R thesr r kolar bolkers or they suuredner seat in kolar ?no2ndround  1 157 govindbajaj 
   KCET   BLOKERS=new fact came to know by some honest rxpgian?any legal advice Go directly to Last Post in the thread 44 2265 stallone 
   KCET   Do court case on blokers > they r snatching ur seat and ur one yr  0 112  
   KCET   So many deemed university ?clashes of date court case needed  1 105 govindbajaj 
   COMEDK   Std surrending wich comed saet pls honestly write here>as comed not updating  1 142 govindbajaj 
   KCET   Anybody have kcet allotment list of genral merit std 2008  4 366 Sree_med 
   KLE PGAIET   Anybody have kle belgam allotment list 2008  0 344  
   COMEDK   Comed-kolar joint allotment} what is last date to surrender kolar seat  0 91  
   COMEDK   Comed kolar aipge joint selector  0 123  
   KCET   BIJAPUR ALLOTMENT LIST ,,if any one of it selectd some where  2 360 govindbajaj 
   COMEDK   Comed aipge joint selector list up 900 comed rank STALLONE FOR U ESP  1 130 govindbajaj 
   KCET   Kolar and biajpur no second round? waht action needed  4 176 sheetalppp 
   COMEDK   What will comed 211 and533 rank do/?if they use rxpg reply  0 125  
   COMEDK   Compare comedallotment list with kcet/aipge/respective state alotment ?  0 125  
   COMEDK   Comed kcet kolar biajpur original sertificate issue? solution comed next  3 142 govindbajaj 
   SDUAHER   Kolar sdumc cutt of rank forall branches /?/ pls share Go directly to Last Post in the thread 25 2477 govindbajaj 
   COMEDK   Blocking prevention notice by mci ministry health in kolar compel comed todoso  2 238 Sree_med 
   PrePG   Motivation club for pg std*** share expeirnce  1 124 govindbajaj 
   CMC Ludhiana   Cmc 2nd round on28 april//registeration onphone?share ur rank Go directly to Last Post in the thread 14 1347 latika_83 
   COMEDK   Bijapur counsellign at 8thapril and comedon 9 th april? probs agin  3 219 govindbajaj 
   KCET   Shortest and best way from delhi to bijapur?alsoform bijapur to banglore  0 57  
   KCET   Kolar counselling and cmc 2nd round on same day? wich one tochose  5 200 Sree_med 
   CMC Ludhiana   Cmc 2nd round on28 march registeration onphone?share ur rank  0 270  
   COMEDK   BLDEA’s Shri B M Patil Medical College, Bijapur comed rank $seprete couseling  0 191  
   COMEDK   Ask allotment list incomed counselling to prevent blocking for fairness 2008 Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 382 Sree_med 
   COMEDK   Blockers in comed y dangerous ? wat legal action can we take  5 216 MBBSMD 
   COMEDK   Final compilation comed aipgejoint slector ?prevet blocking.take out print  6 393 MBBSMD 
   COMEDK   Wat action std took last yr for blokers in comed ?wat can be done this time Go directly to Last Post in the thread 20 1346 worldpeace 
   KCET   Kolar counselling anoounced on28 march /?gud or bad  1 125 Sree_med 
   COMEDK   Comedk rank out pls share Go directly to Last Post in the thread 53 6672 doodu 
   COMEDK   Should i screen aipge 2007 rank list to see rankers of comed 2008  1 119 lenus 
   COMEDK   Gouranga sarkar ur help neeeded comed 159 rank? any one fromcalcutta  1 120 govindbajaj 
   COMEDK   Prevent black marketing of pg saet incomed ?prevnt bloking  2 101 govindbajaj 
   COMEDK   Compile list comed -aipge joint selector/ v have 1month be4 comed counseling Go directly to Last Post in the thread 17 1410 govindbajaj 
   SDUAHER   Kolar sduaher aipgmet ----comed joint selector 2008 Go directly to Last Post in the thread 15 710 govindbajaj 
   SDUAHER   Sduaher aipge exam? intersting thing i found in top150 rank ? suspicion doubt Go directly to Last Post in the thread 15 928 govindbajaj 
   COMEDK   Most easiest way to see comed rankers in aipge list >>prevent bloking Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 283 govindbajaj 
   COMEDK   Comed seat ditribution last yr ? wat willhappen this y r  5 435 govindbajaj 
   COMEDK   Easy method to spot aipge rankers in comed list at home/to prevent bloking  5 205 govindbajaj 
   COMEDK   Search of aipge and state pg rankers by rxpg gians in comed ranklist  1 111 govindbajaj 
   KCET   Kolar college SDAUHER AIPGMET-2008 ? any correction inkey  5 322 DOCTORSHRADDHA 
   COMEDK   Share who have rank inboth comed &aipge or state pg ?whre they opt seat  3 194 mancee 
   COMEDK   Rank list of rxpgian comed tillnow Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 456 mg81 
   KCET   Kolar SDAUHER AIPGMET-2008 eexam share ur score Go directly to Last Post in the thread 17 1230 DOCTORSHRADDHA 
   PrePG   Search of aipge new new q inall test series,,pretest and coaching clases ?  1 123 govindbajaj 
   AIIMS   Aiims % analyses nov 2007 / POST MORTEM OF AIIMS RESULT  4 518 jayakrishnav55 
   AIIMS   Happy ne w yr online rxpg memeber list at 12.00 will out in 4min ...  4 224 deepesh 
   PrePG   Wich sub read in first half wich insecond half,in last 50 days in sub wise aproc  4 185 govindbajaj 
   St Johns PG   ST JOHN ENTRANCE 2008 out urgent hel p  0 254  
   PrePG   What r method u rdoing for refering big book s  3 187 ryma890 
   COMEDK   Comed query in propectus  0 70  
   PGIMER   Option u mark and percentile u got in pgi 2007 nov share Go directly to Last Post in the thread 13 1036 ankursabherwal 
   DNB Part 2   Dnb part 2 after ms  0 204  
   Maharashtra   Wich is best and fair exam pvt coll in mahraastra  0 271  
   Harrison   For skin harrison or coaching notes or any other gud book  2 209 jayakrishnav55 
   PrePG   For anesthesia ajay yadav or lee shuold be read  0 104  
   Medical MCQs   Gynaecology - hysteroscopy  1 262 anonymous 
   Medical MCQs   Spm plague  1 164 anonymous 
   Medical MCQs   Gynae pgi  1 156 anonymous 
   Medical MCQs   Gynae  2 225 dr_nidhi 
   Medical MCQs   Anatomy  2 252 mightchillout 
   Medical MCQs   Gynae pgi q  1 237 anonymous 
   Medical MCQs   Micro : anthrax , pgi  1 182 anonymous 
   Medical MCQs   Patho aiims  1 188 anonymous 
   AIIMS   Aiims result interpretaion self study vs coaching Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 582 kingpg 

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